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by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-26
Of the 102 canvas bags seized from goods transported by angadias on Monday, at least 40 were returned to traders after providing valid documents on Wednesday. The income-
After submitting written evidence of ownership, the investigation department of the tax department released bags including rough diamonds and jewelry to angadias.
\"We have released jewelry and diamonds as they are inventory and trading for jewelry traders.
In addition, we cannot trade shares according to the income tax law.
Therefore, we have released this shipment, taking into account the explanation and documentation of the trader.
A senior income tax official said: \"We will verify this explanation in the ongoing investigation . \" He reiterated that no cash was issued.
There are 4 of these 40 bags with miscellaneous items such as clothes and mobile phones.
The decision to assess the shipment and release it to traders at the earliest was made after the ministry\'s meeting with the Gems and Jewellery Association and the Diamond Merchants Association\'s representative.
The associations expressed concern about the obstruction of trade by non-distribution of jewellery and rough diamonds.
They are also impressed by the department, which is the day-to-day business in Angola.
Until the night, I
The T Department calculated the cash of Rs 11 from the canvas bag, while evaluating about 40% of the gems and jewelry. I-
Director general T (investigation)
Swatantra Kumar says cash holders whose whereabouts are unknown will be punished.
\"We have almost completed the calculation of cash, and the calculation of the value of rough diamonds, gold and diamond jewelry should be over soon,\" Kumar said . \" He added that no counterfeit currency was found
\"About 10 people have provided documents supporting their claim for the seizure of jewelry.
\"We are verifying what they say,\" said a senior I . \"T official.
Earlier in the day, more than 20 angadians gathered at I-
Register their protest.
They claimed that the goods were accounted for with proper bills.
The shipment shipped four trucks from Mumbai\'s central station, loaded on a train in Gujarat, and was confiscated on Monday night.
For nearly six hours, the National Bureau of Investigation and I-
The T Department intercepted the trucks under a wireless vehicle escort from the v p Road police station.
The seizure was after the tip.
Received by NIA.
The truck was delivered to the Scindia House at Ballard Manor.
Officials at the Reserve Bank of India helped verify that all notes were true.
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