australian supermarket chain reverses free plastic bag ban

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-31
Sydney, Australia-
On Wednesday, a large Australian supermarket chain was attacked by environmental activists for revoking the decision to stop offering free plastic bags to shoppers.
Coles began distributing reusable plastic bags to most customers in Australia in July 1, when it banned the use of disposable plastic bags
Use plastic bags and tell customers that they have to start paying for plastic bags that can be reused.
Coles plans to stop offering better reusable packages for free in August.
1 and start charging customers a $15 (11 cents)
But the decision has now been retained and seems ready to provide them indefinitely.
Coles and its larger competitor, Woolworths, account for about 70 of the Australian supermarket trade.
The two chains announced new targets in June to respond to customers\' demands for a green shopping experience, reducing plastic products and packaging.
Before they took action, half of Australia\'s eight states and regions had banned singles --
Plastic shopping bags are used according to law.
From July 1, Queensland and Western Australia joined with South Australia, tazhou, the northern region and the Australian Capital Region-wide bans.
But the most populous states, New South Wales and Victoria
More than half of Australians live
Refuse to change.
Coles said in a statement on Wednesday that when singles are banned
Some customers say they need more time to transition to reusable bags.
\"We are happy to see customers getting used to bringing reusable packages from home, so they don\'t rely much on free packages at checkout,\" the statement said . \".
It added: \"Many customers with luggage from home still find themselves missing a bag or two, so we offer free reusable better bags to help them finish their shopping.
Greenpeace criticized Cole\'s decision on Wednesday as irresponsible and disappointing, saying the retailer continued the problem of plastic waste by offering free bags.
\"It\'s interesting because it\'s forbidden to be single.
\"The use of plastic bags is due to pressure from customers and people who call on the company to take responsibility and stop using them,\" Greenpeace spokeswoman Zoe Dean said . \".
\"While a small number of people are trying to cope, we know that it\'s only a matter of time before people adapt to this change,\" she added . \".
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