bag ban will be tough to undo

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-31
Doug Holliday, deputy mayor of torento, said the ban on plastic bags in Toronto was not necessarily \"in the bag\", but city law officials said the ban would be difficult to remove.
At Thursday\'s City Council meeting, Holyday still lamented Wednesday night\'s success in getting parliament to back the bag ban on \"left outfield.
But Holyday stressed that the package ban rules have not yet been written and must be returned to parliament for final approval.
Although the Commission has traditionally supported the articles of association it requires staff to write, legal advice predicted by Holyday may arise that may list all the issues of the ban.
\"It\'s certainly not in the bag yet,\" Hollyday said Thursday . \".
The bag ban was reopened before it began in January.
2013 will be a high order. Two-
Thirty members of the Council must support this action.
This is unlikely given that most members voted to ban the package.
City lawyer Anna kinnerstovsky said \"it\'s hard to say now\" if the ban is legal \".
Staff will review the ban next week.
\"Parliament is my client and they have instructed us to deal with this and we will do our best,\" she said . \".
\"In fact, it may be legal to ban bags, but we haven\'t investigated it yet. ”The lead-
Until the final vote to expel five people from the city
The behavior of zero bags and banning plastic bags is quite confusing.
Member of Minnan-
Mr Huang voted against Shiner\'s package ban amendment, but admitted that he later voted for a final bill, including the ban.
\"I think it\'s a gong show from a procedural point of view (Wednesday),” Minnan-Wong said.
\"People know exactly what they\'re voting for,\" Shiner said \".
\"I think we have done a good thing in getting rid of five --
\"It is correct to impose a US duty on luggage, the mayor led the charge and the mayor won the vote,\" he said . \".
\"Then we went further on the issue and tried to get rid of the plastic bags completely.
The environment was chaotic.
Shiner stressed that there are other options for plastic shopping bags.
\"We are not reinventing the wheel,\" he said . \"
As a teenage grocery bag boy, Shiner lamented that plastic shopping bags have \"gotten worse\" since Toronto\'s bag fee came into effect \".
\"It\'s a bad bag, it\'s torn, your groceries fall off the bottom of it, it doesn\'t work,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s time to buy something better at the checkout counter, which is the way to get retailers to work with us.
\"Enlightened people,\" Shiner says, understand that plastic bags don\'t work.
In response to Ford\'s opposition to the ban, Shana said he thought the mayor would come.
\"I think he will eventually find this to be the right thing to do,\" he said . \".
Senator Doug Ford predicted that the ban would be overturned and called it a \"typical knee --
The reaction of the people below is a jerk.
\"This is another perfect example of the member, and the cheese slipped off the cookies with these guys,\" Ford said . \".
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