bag fee could be kept alive by council

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-31
Bill todon doesn\'t bet that the City Council will support Mayor Rob Ford\'s five. cent bag fee.
When asked about the possibility that Ford would have the member cancel the fee at next month\'s meeting, member Gord Perks was outspoken.
\"I can\'t bet,\" he said . \"
Perks stressed that the cost is a \"great thing\" and is working to reduce the plastic consumption in the city.
\"It drastically reduces the amount of plastic we use in Toronto,\" added.
Ford and his executive committee voted.
On Monday night, the fees levied on 2009 were canceled.
The mayor argued that it was time to cancel the postage.
Mark of the term of former Mayor David Miller
Because residents no longer want it.
Cancellation of the bylaws will cancel the store\'s request for bag charges.
However, the owner can still charge for luggage.
Perks said he had no idea why the mayor had thrown away the postage.
\"I am not satisfied with the explanation he gave in public --
So far, \"says Perks.
\"The mayor made a long bet.
Councillor Janet Davis said she was \"absolutely shocked\" by the approval of the motion to withdraw the parcel fee \".
\"I will send a notice to each school that the most outspoken advocate when we first consider the tax package is the child,\" Davis said . \".
Senator Josh Matlow called the bag fee debate \"stupid\" and \"a waste of time and money \".
\"My residents want me to focus on traffic jams and other priorities,\" matello said . \". Member Mary
Margaret McMahon questioned why Ford was bothered to pick up the bag.
\"If it\'s not broken, don\'t fix it,\" McMahon said . \".
\"There is no reason to change it.
\"Although she has said in the past to double the cost, or simply ban the use of plastic bags, McMahon said, she supported Senator Michelle berrudetti\'s request that businesses donate some of their postage profits to the canopy of the city.
Until five years old in Toronto
Loblaws won\'t say if its store will continue to charge for plastic shopping bags.
Julia Hunt
The president of public relations at loblaww told The Sun in an email
Despite the executive committee\'s decision, the grocery store did not say what it would do if the City Council approved it
Seal decision next month
\"We don\'t like to guess the conditions that don\'t exist at the moment,\" Hunt wrote . \".
Hunter stressed that Loblaws is committed to \"environmental sustainability\", including reducing the number of plastic shopping bags used by customers.
\"Our goal is to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags in use, not to collect coins,\" Hunt said . \".
\"The result of our country\'s method of reducing the use of plastic bags is strong.
Since 2009, we have reduced the number of plastic bags in stores nationwide by 3. 8 billion.
Hunter said: \"In the past three years, Loblaws has donated $4 million to the World Wildlife Foundation for environmental projects.
Loblaws also started rolling out bags-
Free stores in 2007, eight stores in Canada so far do not have shopping bags.
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