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by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-25
Your handbag is never enough.
There are two good reasons.
First of all, like shoes, handbags can make your appearance or destroy your appearance; secondly, different occasions require handbags of different styles, sizes and colors.
Men may make fun of how many handbags a woman has, but there\'s a reason for this --
Women need a handbag range suitable for a variety of occasions and costumes.
You can\'t bring a straw bag to a business meeting or a formal leather bag to the beach, can you?
The handbag is a saying so get it right and you will look super stylish and do it wrong and you will either disappear into the crowd or ruin your whole look.
The bag you choose will depend on your style personality.
You may prefer neat and classic bags to lazy style, or you may be looking for interesting details or colors.
No matter what you are attracted to, your bag needs to be balanced with your overall size --
A small bag looks lost on a larger woman and a large bag will drown out a petite frame.
Shaping the shape of your bag requires following the lines of your body.
For example, a person with a body like a rectangle, a sloping column, or an inverted triangle needs a structured bag to reflect the line and angle of the body.
The soft, unstructured bag is best suited for those bags that are full of hours of glass or round.
Women with triangles should avoid hanging bags at the athip level as they add width to the widest area.
Color and fabric do not be afraid to choose a handbag in acolor instead of neutral tones (
Black, brown, gray, etc).
This is the easiest way to add color to your look without exaggeration.
If you want to use it safely, find a color that always looks good.
Universal colors such as purple and blue-green are a great choice, as there are shades that suit everyone.
Or, if you have a betel nut that you like but are ashamed to wear, then a handbag of this color will be more subtle than wearing it directly on your body.
What your handbag is made of depends on your budget and lifestyle and the use of the bag.
Some people like to invest in high quality leather bags, which will last a lifetime while others will buy cloth with a new one each season.
Remember the gold rules for any purchase: the more you use, the lower the cost of each use.
Handbags are now available in many options including bags, clutch, chain, tote bag, square, soft, colorful, flat or printed.
Handbag and clutch are two very good investments.
The handbag is the perfect day bag while you can use the clutch at night or during the day.
Put your handbag in your handbag, hey presto, you\'re ready for the morning to night!
Make it better for the designer\'s styletone.
If the handbag is your passion, then you will choose carefully and invest in a large collection.
Your handbags are part of your signature style, so you want them to show your personality.
A creative person may choose something like Helen Rochford\'s bag, while a city-chic person will love the neat style of a brand like Radley or Osprey.
Final tip | try the handbag when you make your clothes to see if the size, shape and color are right for you.
Never seem to have the right handbag or shoes?
Contact to find out how I can help you make the right choice in all accessoriesthestyleteam.
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