bags to riches; exclusive sunday mail investigates we snap up pounds 3000 designer fakes for pounds 160 at cash & carry.

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-26
Signature: Marion Scott\'s cash and carry-on fake designer handbags from one of Scotland\'s richest men have crossed the sideline.
Sunday Post investigators bought fake Gucci, Prada, Chloe, Mui and Fendi bags in Glasgow at a price that should be 3000 and 160. Staff at multi-
The company of millionaire Amarjit Sandhu took out a few fake accessories from a secret storage room for us to pick.
A sales assistant told us that they would have to stay in the back store if the trading standards officer came in.
Last night, when designer labels and anti-counterfeiting activists accused the company of funding organized crime, the Commission\'s boss launched an investigation.
The market value of counterfeit brand-name goods is 1 pounds 330billion global and terrorism financing issues, drug trade and child pornography.
Our selection of branded fakes from ABS includes a white nesepaddington bag with a unique brass padlock.
The proud owners of things that really cost £ 800, including Missa Barton, Claire eney, Nikki Hilton and Kate Bosworth.
Our price is only £ 35.
Lindsay Lohan bought a canvas Prada bowler bag for £ 500.
But we snapped up an ABS break for £ 35.
A gold Fendi Spy bag should have a price tag of 1 pounds 1200, but in the case of absconding, their gorgeous plastic fakes are only £ 35 again.
When we asked them if they had cash and luggage, the malesales assistant looked around nervously and disappeared into a room.
After a while, he showed up with a fake handbag.
He told us: \"I only have the Chloe bag in white.
I have a Mui with black and rust.
A female colleague who joined him said: \"I have an inrust.
I don\'t know it\'s black.
\"She took the five fakes we bought and stuffed them into a black bag.
Our investigators handed over 160 in cash, but the assistant wrote the money we paid in a book hidden under the counter.
We did not receive the receipt.
ABS Scotland Ltd\'s warehouse in trattston, Glasgow is one of the country\'s largest cash and inventory, operated by the theSandhu family for nearly 20 years.
Director Amarjit estimated the wealth of £ 35.
In 1999, he was approved by an employment court of sexy and harassing upper body model Cinderella Bauer.
When we faced Sandhu\'s daughter, Guddi, she claimed that ABS did nothing wrong.
She said the staff just \"took sides\" to customers by selling fake goods.
\"Sometimes customers ask employees to do them a favor,\" she added.
But it\'s personal. It has nothing to do with us.
\"Trade standards and fashion companies are taking this issue seriously. The Anti-
Ruth Orchard Festival of the counterfeiting group said: \"The industry finances terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking and child pornography.
\"The person who sells fake goods at the door is the one who sells drugs to our children.
\"People should ask themselves if they want to put money in the pockets of these criminals.
Tim Shala of Gucci Group said: \"We don\'t promote our behavior, but we are fighting fake products every day and have a zero tolerance policy . \"
Xi \'an crokerson, Chloe\'s legal counsel, added: \"Counterfeit goods are criminal currency, simple and clear.
\"Can you find a fake?
A real Fendi Spy bag costs 1200. . .
Is it worth it or not?
This is the favorite Prada brand of fashionistas. . .
But the real thing is me?
Gucci\'s unique bag should be easy to spot, but can you take the challenge?
D. Is this Chloe Paddington bag suitable for elegant-listcelebrity?
Does this thick Chloe design come with a price tag of £ 800. . .
Or just 35?
Can\'t Miss the Mui logo in this bag, but does it have a high price tag?
This bag has the iconic double F look of G Fendi. . .
But will you pay 400?
The H Mui coffee bag can reduce you by 700. . .
Or is this fake?
Answer: Real A, D, H fake B, C, E, F, G Sunday Email
Scott @ sundaymailco. uk CAPTION(S): A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H;
Unreliable transaction: the ABS saleswoman gives the fakedesigner handbag to our undercover investigator;
Transaction: warehouse;
Boss: Amarjit Sandhu is worth 35 million;
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