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by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-28
Freud once said that the handbag is a symbol of the female genitals. It is a treasure house that can preserve the inner strength of a woman.
Ask the fashionista in Mumbai and she will be happy to agree that it is best to protect the inner peace with the Jimmy Choo Mirror leather clutch.
But in the recession
Here is some help: Mumbai offers handbag rental services for women for the first time, lending luxury goods for basement prices.
Bagsutra is India\'s answer to popular Western songs such as borrowing or stealing bags and getting rich.
Equip the upcoming socialites and fashion ideas --
Conscious working woman who prepared arm candy for her mwahmwah evenings.
Next destination: Delhi.
The secret society charges a membership fee of Rs 10,000 per year and an additional fee of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 to rent a package for one week.
This is quite reasonable as the price of Todd\'s burgundy leather striped bag is around Rs 70,000, and the price of the Zac Posen Zac bag may be 65,000 rupees lower than you.
Members are friends of friends or friends of friends and no one is allowed to enter without reference.
Each member has a username and an online password.
The page opened after entering the password is a dream come true.
The screen is filled with an image of a quilting satin Chanel Timeless clutch, \"It\'s splashed all over the international red car\" and Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull \"it can accommodate clothes from the gym to the notebook and he may adapt if you also hide your boyfriend inside.
Almost all top brands, including Gucci, Burberry, Todd, Zach Posen, Mark Jacobs, Fendi, filagamo and Dior, all of them are from this luxury store but there are only a few bags to choose from.
The biggest downside is Burkin, which rules the hierarchy of the bag, spending a few lakhs after a bag
Waiting list for year
Once members drool, they can click on the selected package.
Hopefully, if the waiting list is not too long, it will be delivered to their doorstep by a secret concierge --off day (
It\'s usually Friday, the crazy weekend at the party)
Exchange cash for Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000.
This bag is picked up next Thursday.
The first designer bag rental service started in Seattle and became famous after it appeared in the movie Sex and the city.
In a sub-plot, Jennifer Hudson, who plays the label Kelly Bradshaw
The crazy assistant mentioned that she borrowed or stole her handbag from her bag.
This prompted Carrie to buy her own Louis Vuitton for her assistant.
Soon after, the rental service provided its members with luggage options inspired by single and wonderful sex and the city\'s four.
\"But Bagra is not just vanity,\" said the owner . \"
\"It was inspired by the tradition of sharing in India,\" she said in an interview asking for anonymity . \".
\"Sisters share clothes. Babies rarely have their own clothes. Relatives borrow jewelry and sari.
It\'s more of a community where members trust each other.
The handbag is an item that is easy to share as it does not touch the skin directly.
\"The small membership Group is an interesting mix of professional women, brand managers, beauty fashionistas, models, actresses and some celebrities.
\"A typical member is a girl who likes to read a fashion magazine but doesn\'t want to spend a quarter\'s salary to buy a bag,\" Bagsutra MS . \".
\"It\'s not for people who don\'t know or like these brands.
In our biggest city, who has so much cabinet space for handbags?
\"Bagsutra provides trade information in the form of Boli bags and bags voting.
Bolly Bags channel tracks who carries what (
Found the quilting Chanel polo bag in Victoria Beckham\'s arms)
Bag voting is a democratic platform where members can vote for the next bag that the website should buy (
It should be big-
Chloe Ella leather handbag or Burberry large plaid backpack? ).
In order to eliminate people\'s
Fear in the hearts of members-fake -
The website proudly announced that \"we hate fakes and we don\'t support anything but real things \".
Members must adhere to a strict to-do list.
First, they had to \"leave a seat in their favorite restaurant as a bag and put it on the desk in the office, not on the floor \".
Secondly, cigarettes should be kept away from Dior and butter while litscotch ice-
Cream should not be licked by Bottega.
For those who do not obey, get dirty or break or forget these leather bags in a taxi, there is an insurance, but the member must pay for a replacement that is easy to touch lakhs
Until now, the owner said no one was careful.
Secrecy is the most important thing, and no one wants to get out of the hiring --a-sack closet.
Sharing and caring are good, but status anxiety is the glue that connects it together.
Although the site assures women that no one around will guess that you didn\'t buy it, the dangers exposed in a curious village like Mumbai are very real.
An editor of a leading fashion magazine has expressed doubts about how long it will last.
\"I don\'t know if this kind of thing will work in cities like Mumbai,\" she said . \".
\"The Social cycle is very tight --
Knitting, who bought what, from where, who knows.
Those who can afford these bags are very proud to have them, and those who don\'t feel like they \'ve won them at the end of the purchase.
\"Adman Prahlad Kakkar, a man who wears a hat in the party jungle but does not have a bag, and does not believe it, but for different reasons.
\"10,000 dollars, what can you do for you by hiring a designer and a bag? \'\' he bellows.
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