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Yves Carcelle is probably the most powerful person in international fashion Today. He is the president of Louis Vuitton. LV)
Brands like control, Givenchy, Dior, Kenzo Xiaoling, Fendi, Pucci, Donna Karen and Louis Vuitton ).
In 2002, catherai was elected among 50 leaders at the forefront of change. He built the respected luggage manufacturer into the world\'s most profitable luxury brand. Group sales rose to $1 from $13 million in 1977.
4 billion last year.
He told Sabina Sehgal Saikia that he is now looking to India, a country that has an intrinsic link to Louis Vuitton\'s history: You recently started retail in India, a 301st LV store worldwide. Why India?
We have been studying India for the past five years.
Only when we find the perfect conditions will we open the shop.
In fact, the emerging luxury countries tend to bring us surprising results.
India is exciting for us, in part because it has a population of 1 billion.
Part of the reason is that Vuitton is a representative of Indian tourism.
But, above all, because Vuitton\'s history is linked to the King\'s Commons in Baroda, Kashmir, pattiara or kapursala.
For us, entering India is also a return.
How important is emerging markets in Asia for overall group sales?
Asia accounts for half of our sales today.
A difficult breakthrough
The rise will be: the United States: 25; Europe: 25; Japan: 25; the rest of Asia: 25.
Where should we put India? Well, India is a world in itself!
How are you going to deal with India\'s massive fake LVs?
We think fake evil, hit it anytime, anywhere, not only because it cheated people who bought genuine products, destroyed our brand image, but also constitutes an underground criminal activity.
Recently, China has become a major source of counterfeit LV bags.
At the same time, the government is helping us to overcome this evil.
For example, China has joined the WTO.
In the end, the most positive action we can take is to make people want real products.
LV has been engaged in travel bag business.
Why are you diversified?
Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854.
A small company that makes suitcases is starting to produce travel bags and City bags and is now ready --to-
Shoes, watches and jewelry.
After celebrating the monogram canvas in 1996, the brand was rediscovered in 100.
With the recruitment of Mark Jacobs, the magic of the brand has been playing historically, iconic products.
The urban bag invented in 1924 is still very popular.
How long are you willing to try the Indian market?
We are the first luxury brand to open a shop here.
When we decided to enter a new country, we put all our resources behind it.
In fact, after Delhi, we would be happy to open a shop in Mumbai if we found the right location.
So far, we have never had to close stores in any country due to lack of success.
I hope India is no exception.
Our history is intertwined with the king of India. He placed a special order with Louis Vuitton himself.
In India, we want to make every customer feel like a king.
Your store is known for its policies of queuing up and not selling more than a certain number of items to a single buyer.
What about India?
While people joke that the length of our queues reflects the strength of the country\'s economy, this is our policy around the world.
We prohibit anyone from buying more than five items because we do not want to encourage reselling.
Our collection in India will be the same as the rest of the world.
Because fashion has a common language.
It is interesting for people to watch sports in the sense of a nation, but fashion is not the case.
You are known for the rapid acquisition, and the most recent acquisition is Donna Karan.
Does this mean the demise of independent creativity? Not at all.
Creative small companies always have space.
But without a suggestion and management network, a real boost could take 30 years.
Negotiations and acquisitions are a permanent part of my business.
I had four months of negotiations with the head of a department store in Japan, but we didn\'t agree on the numbers.
We stopped by to talk about our famous opening party.
He said he saw a picture of my wife in a magazine and asked if she could come to the party, so I sold her as part of the deal!
I was swimming naked in the bathtub with other CEOs.
I ate the dangerous Valley (blowfish). . .
If you reject these cultural aspects, you may not be able to complete the negotiations.
I am American when business needs, I am Italian when need charm, I am French when situation needs self!
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