burberry nova heart tote bag

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-24
Although I have never felt sick about the Burberry Nova Check mode, it always gives me a serious and tedious impression.
So, in my opinion, Burberry handbags may be a good choice for mature business women.
If you have the same idea for me, I bet this Burberry Nova Heart tote will keep it for the most part.
Featuring berry red, this Burberry features a Nova Check with a pinstriped heart-shaped pattern.
Cute heart charm hanging on top handle.
The bright colors and lovely Hearts create an absolutely lovely handbag.
The overall design is notable in this world.
Popular fashion, completely different from their usual boring combination of black and brown colors.
The bag is in size 35x30x16 cm and is definitely enough to accommodate your personal belongings.
Turn on the top and a magnetic button off to show us the exquisite sateen twill lining.
In addition, an internal zip pocket and three internal patch pockets have been carefully designed for your small items.
Double flat leather handle with square deep nickel buckle attachment to easily place the bag on the shoulder or hand.
The base of 4 feet provides extra protection for the bag.
The price of 39.
00 is also affordable.
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