can you guess the price of mouni roy\'s black tote bag? - times of india

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-23
She has just marked her foray into the film industry and the Indian TV star, and Monnie Roy has left her mark on two back-to-back big budget films.
But in addition to her enviable acting skills, there is more to this special thing.
In addition to being a popular prototype of a real Bangladeshi beauty, Monnie made headlines for her quirky clothing choices --
Whether it\'s a unique collection of glasses on her shoes, Mooney knows how to make news for the right reason.
Today, we are seeing a bag that she recently carried with her.
Found today at a famous spa in Juhu, Mumbai, Mooney looks super chic in her casual head --
Mooney took part in a summer t-
A shirt dress with a loose denim jacket, classic black tones and a Christian Dior slide to refresh your look.
But our favorite accessory must be her fashion bag.
Mouni showed off a carry-on black leather handbag from Balenciaga.
The bag is made in Italy with a colored logo handle that says the fall/winter series for up to $2100, about INR 1,45, 440.
Well, it\'s a fairly expensive package, but with other B-
The town carried out gas.
Still, we love this bag, please let us know in the comments section below, will you buy a bag worth this money?
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