canadian plastic industry lashes out over bag bans

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-30
TORONTO (Reuters)-
The plastic industry in Canada is bashing the growing campaign to eliminate plastic shopping bags, saying a complete ban could do more harm to the environment than the benefits.
\"I think, in general, there will always be an-
Serge Lavoie, President and CEO of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, said on Wednesday that the plastics market was in high spirits. “We’re a high-profile target.
Earlier this week, the Ontario Liquor Control Board
The province has 598 chain stores
It is announced that plastic bags will be phased out, providing paper or reusable fabric bags as part of an environmental effort.
LCBO has joined a growing number of retailers and municipalities across Canada
Like other countries.
People who want to reduce or phase out plastic bags.
But CPIA believes that banning plastic bags will not change the behavior of consumers, and that it may actually lead to more waste plastics as people turn to alternatives.
After Ireland taxed plastic shopping bags in 2002, consumers turned to heavy duty.
The duty kitchen catcher bought from the shelf.
According to the packaging and Industrial Film Association, the number of plastic shopping bags distributed dropped by 90%, but the end result was a 21% increase in plastic usage.
A recent CPIA report said: \"Consumers in your city will respond to the ban on plastic shopping bags in the same way . \".
A better option, Lavoie says, is to promote existing recycling projects to recycle and reuse plastic bags.
The market for recycling bags is estimated to be 2 billion yuan ($2 billion)
In North America, materials for products such as decoration and garden trays.
Beatrice Olivastri, chief executive of Friends of Earth Canada, said the industry has been developing successful recycling projects for decades, but\"
\"Based on the performance of the plastic industry over the past decade or twenty years, I have no confidence,\" olivastery said on Thursday. \"They really have a viable recycling facility that can accommodate this kind of thing . \".
In response to criticism of the industry\'s detractors, olivastery said the producers \"received the rewards they deserve because of their poor performance.
According to Environment Canada, Canadians use about 55 million plastic shopping bags a week. ($1=$0. 99 Canadian)
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