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Classification of environment-friendly cloth bags

Classification of environment-friendly cloth bags


Classification of environment-friendly cloth bags

According to the raw materials can be divided into non-woven bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, velvet bags,and other environmentally friendly fabric bags.Although they are all called environmental bags, the environmental performance of each bag is not the same.

velvet bag

First, velvet bag is a kind of container made of velvet material. It is an environmental protection product that replaces plastic bags after the introduction of the national "plastic limit order". It is also known as gift bag or jewelry bag in daily life.It is similar to non-woven cloth bag, canvas bag, velvet bag is also a kind of environmental protection bag.

non-woven bag

Second, the non-woven bag although its raw materials are made of the new generation of green non-woven material, so it is called environment-friendly bag.However, truly speaking, non-woven bags can only be called reusable bags when they are reused and finally recycled.

canvas bag,cotton bag

Third, canvas bag, cotton bag they are both made of environmentally friendly fabric cotton as raw material bags, in the process of making a lot of fashion elements, and is known by people.Daily life is used more widely, the material is very strong and durable, a lot of styles, simple to make, so it is very popular.

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