coles announces a ban on plastic bags just hours after woolworths revealed an identical plan

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-30
Fierce competition to ban the use of plastic bags has left a large supermarket behind.
Coles revealed on Friday that they will give up plastic shopping bags a few hours after major rival Woolworth announced the same ban.
Coles claims they have been trying to ban singles
Use shopping bags for a few months and will gradually roll out plastic shopping bags in the next 12 months, as will Woolworths.
Coles chief customer officer Simon McDowell the ban will affect Coles stores in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and West Australia to be consistent with Tasmania state, Northern Territory and the bill in southern Australia Coles has banned these bags.
We know that customers like the convenience of being single.
Use the bag, so if they forget to bring their own bag from home, we\'ll make sure they have a lot of other options, said McDowell.
Coles said the announcement was to improve their environment.
The plan was announced on Friday, and all Woolworths Group stores in Australia, including supermarkets, large W, BWS and online stores, are expected to be plastic stores
Free package from June 30, 2018.
Although Woolworth announced the plastic bag ban earlier on Friday, the ban will only include South Wales, and stores in Victoria and Western Australia are in line with those in the states and regions that have already legislated to ban plastic bags, in these states and regions, the ban will not include Queensland.
As a team, we are committed to listening to our customers and doing the right thing for the environment, and we feel that this is a problem that we need to stick, brad banduch, CEO of Woolworth Group, said in a statement.
\"We have given more than 3 at the moment.
2 billion light plastic bags per year, so can play an important role in reducing the overall use of plastic bags. \'[Friday\'s]
The commitment demonstrates our commitment to the serious implementation of environmental and community responsibility.
\"While we know this is a big decision, we will work closely with all of our store teams to make sure that the transition for our customers is as simple as possible.
Woolworth said customers will continue to get a range of alternative shopping bag options in their store network, including a thicker reusable version.
They will be available at different prices, including 15 cents for Woolworth supermarket, and Big W has not yet decided whether to offer them for free.
Dan Murphy and Cellarmasters have been single
The Woolworths group said in a statement that plastic bags are free of charge.
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