deadly piglet virus may have entered u.s. on \'reusable\' feed bags: usda

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-27
CHICAGO (Reuters)-
Deadly piglet virus that killed millions of AmericansS.
In the past two years, pigs may have entered the country with large bags commonly used to transport feed and other bulk products, the ministry said.
The report was released on Wednesday on the 9 th.
24. The agency said it did not have swine infectious diarrhea virus (PEDv)
First arrived in the United States.
The virus was first discovered in the country in the spring of 2013.
Most likely, the virus comes from the use of flexible intermediate bulk containers
Also known as fiber or \"tote bag\", according to the US report\"S.
Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Animal and plant hygiene inspection service (APHIS).
APHIS looked at 17 possible cases, including whether the virus was accidentally or deliberately brought into the country.
According to the report, some of these 17 cases are now considered reasonable explanations.
\"The most likely route of communication is to recycle food or feed products through distribution companies that typically serve the network of customers of large feed mills in the Midwest and beyond, according to reports.
The outbreak of PEDv killed about 10% of Americans. S.
Live pig populations between 2013 and 2014. It pushed U. S.
Pork prices hit a record high, and its economic costs to the United States could be as high as $1.
8 billion, according to some agricultural economists.
Although the number of new PEDv cases has slowed since the peak in 2014, there are still concerns that the virus may return.
Earlier this year, the United StatesS.
Researchers have discovered a new virus that can constantly change.
Before the outbreak, there were no federal regulations to re-
The report said that the imported products use the fiber C bag.
This bag is sold online and is often used by animal feed plants without cleaning or disinfection.
The bags may be contaminated in \"transport trucks in the country of origin because they are exposed to irrigation or flooding containing organic fertilizer (such as pig manure),\" the report said . \".
Other products that may include shavings, grains, fertilizers, compost, animal parts or bulk rendering.
I don\'t know where the pollution may come from.
I don\'t know what will be in the contaminated bag.
May include vitamins and minerals premix, livestock vaccines or antibiotics approved for animal feed
Most of them are either produced in China or use ingredients or reagents from China, the report said.
\"In China, some products such as antibiotics will be diluted by rice noodles.
It is reported that a consultant saw that the hull on the side of the road was dried, and it is likely that it was knocked down by a contaminated pig truck . \".
Veterinary researchers who followed the outbreak in 2013 found that there were some signs of the PEDv strain seen in the United States. S. was 99.
5% similar gene structure
One was found in Anhui province, China.
Large bags are used to transport Hull, livestock drugs and other feed from small manufacturing plants to large mixing facilities in Asia, the report said.
Early in the outbreak, federal and state investigators
And early cases-control study —
It is believed that the source of the epidemic may be related to feed or feed delivery systems.
However, investigators could not find common feed manufacturers, products or ingredients in the initially infected herd.
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