dear cereal people: please fix your bags

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-22
It is now 5: 45 in the morning.
Or maybe for other more sensible people like 7: 45 or 9: 45, or if it\'s a particularly good weekend night, 1: 45.
In any case, time doesn\'t matter, just it measures how long you \'ve been awake, long enough to move and hungry in this case, but not long enough, it is not possible to split for a long time with pencil and paper.
So you can put your hand in your cupboard and take out some delicious cereal.
This is a fresh box.
You know what a fresh box means. . . ANTICIPATION.
From the moment you buy cereal in the store, to some extent, you \'ve been playing the first bowl of your favorite breakfast.
It\'s here now. . .
The moment of victory.
All the waiting leads to this moment.
So you gently lift the top of the box and separate the two folded cardboard pieces with a small amount of adhesive, for only a small second, and you pray silently to the grain God, and they finally ---FINALLY --
Find out the right amount of glue to prevent you from completely tearing off the damn top (
This makes it completely impossible to fold the label back into the slot to keep it fresh).
You get the bag and that\'s where the puzzle starts.
You\'re not an idiot.
Do you remember what happened the last time you opened a bag? -
This damn place is everywhere.
But what about the time before?
It opened smoothly. What is the garbage?
But wait, is it the same brand of cereal?
Is it possible for different brands to have different abilities to open normally?
Which brand is this? . .
Is this an open door with no music and no fuss?
Tired, not completely free from the spider web yet, you carefully pinch both sides of the bag and start to separate them.
This is one of the three things that happened: it opened smoothly.
Possibility of occurrence: about 20 percent starts to open smoothly, but when you reach one of the two edges, the adhesive content at the seams varies to varying degrees, causing you to have to change the size of the force you use, the bag will tear from the side.
This is the most common case.
Opportunity to happen: 79 percent you Hulk RIP!
The damn thing is separated, looking forward to the tensile strength of the plastic being able to withstand the opening immediately, the grain exploding from your hands, like a delicious big hardiken!
If you are someone else on Earth, 1%.
But if you were me. . Well, stop it. I\'m me.
Have your own performance
You are one of those people who use scissors, it\'s against nature and you should stop being so smug and post arrogant comments on my FACEBOOK.
The possibility of this happening: roughly the same as the Prius owners did not tell you within 2 minutes of meeting them that they were driving a hybrid. Right.
In this case it is 2: Mother. Fucker.
Of course, it caught me in blind anger.
I just want to meet the top executive at grain, who made a smart decision to save material costs by heating
Seal and glue this bag at maximum \"cost\"
Effective \"way, resulting in a disproportion of the number of bags
Open accident (
All you know is that what he calls \"acceptable consequences\" or \"marginal loss\" or some nonsense term, which means \"no matter how much money I save here, I can spend it on a new Maserati \")
Pretend the bag is his face.
I know I\'m not alone.
I know you feel the same way.
But since the attack is not entirely legal (
But a small part of me honestly believes that every judge in each jurisdiction has gone through the same situation and they will be totally sympathetic)
, In my opinion, there are two solutions: redistribute the persistent solution and pull it back slightly during the heat seal process so that the force is evenly distributed when opened, this will make us tear the bag from struggle to now, sprinkle the grain on the stove, drop the small pieces into the hole where the stove is, and let us curse the presence of the stupid grain supervisor, and want to fuck him all in the mouth-
Steel flashlight or put grain in ziplocStyle container.
Guys, it\'s not that hard.
They are cheap and already there.
I am very moved by this potential solution, and I show the executives of grain companies the process that our consumers currently have to take when this happens: it\'s really not that difficult.
To achieve that, would I be happy to pay another box of 35 cents?
I mean, the number of Ziplocs is about 35 cents per unit-
This is after the retail increase.
I can\'t help but think that they will get a price cut from the dealer.
Cereal man: Please do this.
Or there will be more swearing and early morning grumpy YouTube clips in your future.
Someone who knows me: JoeThePeacock. com.
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