eight years on, syria army conscripts pack bags for home

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-27
Damascus (AFP)-
After eight years in service, Syrian recruit Sonel Ali last week traded his monotonous military uniform for bright civilian clothing when he finally packed up.
Ali was a member of thousands of young people who joined the Army in 2010, the year before the brutal crackdown on corruption.
Protests by the Syrian government escalated into one of the worst conflicts of the century.
He thought he had joined the Army for up to two years, but eventually served in the Syrian war until now. His drawn-
The deployment ended last Friday after the army ordered the evacuation of 2010 recruits.
\"I finally left the guns and dirt barricades,\" said the ecstatic 34 . \"year-
He is from the central city of Homs, but was last deployed a few hours outside of southern Syria.
When Ali packed up his luggage, his phone called from relatives to congratulate him, and also from comrades who had not yet heard the good news.
He assured a friend on the phone: \"We are the first to join us and you will join us . \".
\"The biggest battle is over.
\"The number of front lines has now decreased, the Syrian regime has regained more than half of the country with Russian support, and this year has won a series of victories against rebels near Damascus.
Before he pulled the black canvas bag, Ali fell into the traditional straw of the gourd and his past seven months of bitter tea --year war.
\"I keep all these,\" he said . \"
\"They were my companions during my service.
\"All the people were packed, and together with the other fighters, he took their first group photo on Army casual pants, and then started their different ways of returning to civilian life. -
Welcome hero-
Before the conflict broke out in Syria in 2011, men aged 18 and over had to serve in the armed forces for two years, after which they remained part of the reserve forces.
But when the war begins, anyone who is called up will continue to serve.
300,000 of the government
It is estimated that the strong army has been reduced by nearly half due to death, injuries and defections, and the deployment of new recruits is also being extended.
Mohammed Damo always wanted to be a journalist, but when he was 18, his dream was delayed
A month\'s deployment turned into eight months. year tour.
\"The war set me back for 10 years, but I was mobilized today,\" Damour told AFP in a bustling market in Damascus, taking sweet shots with his camera.
\"I should have graduated at the age of 22.
But I\'m 27 years old and still in the first year of journalism, \"he said.
On the edge of Aleppo, Syria\'s second-largest city, Maher Daro\'s family has prepared a heroic welcome.
His father is waiting to send the returning soldiers home with a trendy black Mercedes, which is decorated with red and white flowers.
He even invited a drum band.
Daro pulled up the car, the drums rang, the gunshots of the celebration sounded, and the relieved relatives broke into the traditional Arab circle dance.
Daro\'s mother and sisters often make harsh noises during weddings and other celebrations.
\"It\'s like a new birth,\" Daro said . \".
\"All the people who fought lost, and all the people who came back were reborn.
He grinned and hugged for a long time.
Lost friends and handed out candy to the people who came forward to meet him.
Late at night after most of the guests left, he entertained his closest friends with front-line stories, including the former rebel fortress of the East Pagoda outside Damascus, which the regime recaptured in April. -
\"Where am I going? \' -
The Syrian government, backed by airstrikes by Russian allies, local militias and regional militants, has recovered more than half of the country\'s land.
The Army has added troops to thousands of young people living in these areas who have not completed their voluntary service. \"It\'s a five-
\"It\'s Star Wars now,\" said daro.
\"The places I fought are safe now: Damascus, Homs, Latakia.
\"But none of them were so warmly welcomed.
In a military camp outside Damascus, the 31-year-old Mohammed Ala was crammed into the corner of his room after hearing that he would become one of the demobilized.
\"Where am I going?
\"He asked over and over again, pulling up his forehead with his palm.
Ala said in a pseudonym that he was cut off after his northern hometown of Raqa was occupied by rebels and Islamic State and then fell into our handsSoldiers of support
His family has fled to Turkey and he has no way to reach his childhood home and beloved farmland.
\"I will spend all my leaves in the barracks,\" he told AFP on the eve of the release of the demobilization order.
\"But in the course of the day I don\'t know where I will sleep or what I will eat or drink.
Ala looked nostalgic at an old picture of his mother, annoyed by what was waiting for him.
\"For those who do not have a residence, military service is the closest thing to a regular job with a decent salary,\" he said . \".
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