For Backpack

Drawstring backpack bag to be a a gym bag are very commonly and popular in our life, suitable for any indoor or outdoor activities. Like swimming, walking, day trips, camping, sports practices, overnight stays, vacation, travel, yoga, running, shopping, jogging, gym sports or school PE lesson.

According to the material can divide into: 

More materials are:

• PU Leather Backpack Bag • Mesh Backpack Bag • Velvet Backpack bag • Linen Backpack Bag • Jute BackpackBag

According to the Usage of backpack bags, they can be served as: 


Backpack bag


Gym Bag


Travel Bag 


Shopping Bag


School Bag


Storage bag

The Character of Our Drawstring Backpack bags

Wherever you go, drawstring backpack bag will be a good partner.

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