h-e-b unveils photos of new selena tote bags hitting stores next week

by:Yonghuajie     2019-09-01
Selena\'s famous \"mirror gown\" will be in the new H-E-
B. The handbag commemorating Queen Tejano. San Antonio
The grocery store-based chain released photos of the new bag on Thursday, showing Selena wearing a mirrored dress with the \"sempre\" on it and another with the Selena logo on it.
According to the report, the second version of the package sold out quickly earlier this year will be in all H-E-B, H-E-B plus!
Joe V\'s and Mi Tienda stores.
The first Selena bag, which costs $2, has two black and white photos of Queen Tejano, which are pink and sold out in a few minutes after starting sales at 9. m.
According to H-expanded linesE-
B. Before the store opens, the website sometimes fails to complete the order under pressure of demand.
The store did not say how many bags to buy this time.
On H-E-
Spokesman Julie bettinfield saidE-
B always try to create the best-
Provide a shopping experience for our customers.
We hope this is a very popular project and is limited-
Version of the package, but our customers will get more this time.
Keep up to date with customer access.
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