how to bug-proof your home: why putting coins inside a zip lock bag filled with water keeps pesky flies away from your house

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-22
Summer is a critical moment for Australians to notice the influx of pesky flies.
But a very clever hacker can end the attack permanently and you can do it with just three materials.
A Perth woman found the secret after going to a friend\'s restaurant for lunch.
\"We sat in the patio next to the store.
\"We happened to notice that the zipper lock bag was nailed to a post and a wall,\" the post on Facebook began to write . \".
Half the water in the bag, four coins in each bag, and then zippered.
We are curious.
The owner told us that the bags let the flies fly away naturally.
They need to see evidence that it does work, so wait in the restaurant until a fly approaches.
We actually saw some flies coming in from the open window, standing on the windowsill, and then flying out again, she said.
\"There are no flies where you eat!
She decided to Google it to see if it was a known trick and then found out that others had tried it too.
One person on the Internet said: \"I tried the zipper bag and penny this weekend.
I have a horse trailer.
They said: \"The flies were very powerful when I was camping . \"
\"I put a few pennies bag on the door.
There is no fly in the trailer.
\"Someone else said, \'I swear by the trick of plastic bag water.
I put them on the porch and in the basement.
\"They say it works because a fly sees a reflection and doesn\'t walk around.
Finally, someone gave science.
Based on the answer to the question, reinforce why it works so well.
\"My research has found that the water of millions of molecules presents its own prism effect, and given that flies have a lot of eyes, for them it\'s like countless disco balls that reflect light, the answer reads: \"The color and movement are dazzling. \".
\"When you think that flies are prey to many other insects, animals, birds, etc.
They won\'t take such a big risk at all.
I moved to a rural area and thought these \"country folks\" were just pulling my city boy chain but I tried it and it worked right away!
We saw one from a few hundred flies to an occasional one, but he didn\'t stay around for too long.
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