how to choose the right handbag

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-28
How to choose the right handbag.
Fashion of course.
Forward Girls can\'t hide everything they have.
It\'s in your hand or pocket.
The latter increases the volume, and the former is impractical.
Therefore, when you decide to carry a handbag, the choice of it should be as detailed as your wardrobe.
When you make a choice, consider the style, size, structure, and season.
First of all, your handbag must match your outfit.
Like shoes, you should use your handbag to render the contrast.
For example, a soft briefcase in red or brown will only add a little talent to a black or navy suit.
A beautiful black clutch gives a shine to the bright print set.
On the contrary, a stylish Burberry tote bag goes well with almost any solid.
There are times when the situation needs to go beyond fashion, but with a lot of cheap options there is no reason to sacrifice and carry an old, undignified bag. Even the wishy-
There is no obvious personal style of the typy type that can make a good impression with the right bag.
The possibilities are endless, so you can set your own limits.
The only hard and fast regulations are casual bags, casual bags, formal bags, etc.
If you like to bring the same handbag most of the time, choose a neutral go that represents your own unique style, or try colors and textures without violating your body type rules.
So the choice is really yours!
Now that you have determined the style and size range, find out the structure.
Look for a defined shape that can be maintained even when filled to capacity.
In most cases, good structures can only be found with good materials and better structures.
Therefore, the quality aspect can be solved by itself.
Another feature of concern is scalable components such as buckles and other fasteners.
Separating these features can provide more space, but at the expense of style and structure.
Resist the urge to pack everything and keep the fasteners intact for a more organized look.
Otherwise, your wallet is like a bag in your favorite nearby grocery store.
Regardless of style, the size of the bag will never overwhelm your frame.
This means that a woman with a higher figure can carry clothes of any size, while petites should insist on using a smaller fare.
The same logic applies to the tape.
The straps should not be so long that the bag touches your hips or underneath.
Super low
The Sl bag can make even the most delicate woman short and fat, causing her posture to tilt and stride to break.
Don\'t let it control your bag.
Don\'t stick the colored canvas tote bag to it in the cold winter.
When the spring flower begins to bloom, put it in the suede saddle bag.
You won\'t be cleaning up your fluff with floss on July, so don\'t carry your heaviest leather satchel when you\'re wearing linens.
Remember to be smart when storing handbags.
Place them as a breathable dust bag if possible, so when the season changes again, you are also ready to go for the right handbag.
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