islanders react to start of plastic bag ban

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-29
This is the second day of the afternoon. E. I.
But some islanders have adapted easily.
The island became Canada\'s first province to ban single entry.
Under the plastic bag Reduction Act, plastic bags are used.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation discussed with some people the plastic bag ban that came into effect on Canada Day.
Jeff Pilsey said he is already using reusable bags and the challenge is to remember to bring them into the store.
\"This is my biggest obstacle right now.
But at some point in time, it just becomes a common practice.
The same is true of wearing a seat belt.
After a while, you get used to it.
Krista McKenna said, P. E. I.
The ban on plastic bags went ahead.
\"I think it\'s exciting.
It\'s good to be the first to start something like this. . . .
So I think it\'s a good thing.
Jack Collins said he did not find it inconvenient.
\"It\'s easy for us to adapt . . . . . . .
You know, just let it work.
That\'s what I think.
Mary McWilliams said she practiced in the south in winter.
\"Yes, it\'s just because we\'re used to it. It\'s a big change.
But last year in Florida, we practiced there and used these bags a lot.
Ann Kelly says people won\'t miss plastic bags soon.
\"Getting into the habit of carrying luggage will not hurt all of us, and we will get used to it in the end. \"More P. E. I.
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