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Let's meet the towel

Let's meet the towel


They have all the advantages that a towel should have

Every day and we have the most direct "skin close".Towels and bath towels, one for the face, one for the body.


If it's not good enough, gee, it's rough.

Judging whether a towel/bath towel is good or not depends on the following points:

1. Does it feel comfortable?

2. Do you absorb water?

3. Do you lose hair?

If it feels comfortable, absorbent, and does not shed hairs, then there is no doubt that this towel/bath towel is good.

Today we would like to recommend you such a good towel/bath towel -- from the Universe International series towel/bath towel.

First of all, the fabric is extremely comfortable. This softness comes not from any soft additive, but from the touch of natural good cotton.

It is made of long-staple cotton, which is a kind of high-quality cotton, full and thin, and the finished product is very soft.

Long-staple cotton is combed out of its short fibers, impurities, and seed husks before spinning, leaving only the long fibers, known in the technical term "combed."

General towel products may only be general comb, a little better will only comb the hair ring part, and ours is all combed, real 100% combed cotton, feel and quality are better.

The combed cotton fibers are spun into 32 cotton yarns, which are then folded together (called ply yarns) and twisted into large loops. This is not only delicate and fluffy to the touch but also more durable.

Tips: count represents the thickness of the cotton yarn, the higher the value in front, the thinner the cotton yarn, of course, the cotton yarn is not the finer the better, the cotton yarn is too thin, the strength is relatively weak, so the finished product is not easy to use.


Secondly, it is particularly good water absorption, wipe the face, hair, wipe the body as long as gently a press can be sucked dry.


To determine whether a towel/bath towel is good or not, the professional way is to cut off a small piece, put it into the water, and calculate the time it will sink. The faster it sinks, the better the water absorption will be.

Why is water absorption good? The main material is a good choice, this kind of long-staple cotton is born to love water absorption, plus is a plied yarn, equal to double the amount of cotton, water absorption is double.

There is also a special point, towel/bath towel is first dyed yarn, then woven into cloth, and finally shaped into towel/bath towel at normal temperature and pressure, so as to reduce the damage of chemical dyes to the wool ring, so that the finished product is not easy to shed hair.


And the general towel/bath towel is first woven into cloth, then dyed, and then finalize the design, the whole under high temperature and high-pressure conditions, the cotton fiber damage is very big, is also the main cause of hair loss.


Stripe, soft



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