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Making packing bags to order

Making packing bags to order


Instructions for making packing bags to order

[product name] 

custom-made cotton bag, canvas tote bag, flannelette bag, Oxford bag, and yellow gunny bag

[type of supply] 


[Product usage] 

advertising, daily use, goods storage, gifts and so on.

[bag size] 

can be customized according to your requirements.

[printing process] 

as for printing, we will recommend the best printing bag process and printing process to you according to your design draft and requirements.

[product color] 

there are a variety of colors for you to choose, to provide you with thoughtful service.

[cloth thickness] 

can be customized according to your requirements.

[proofing instructions] 

the proofing cycle is 4-5 days

The moq is 1000 PCS (the more you order, the better our price will be).

[product price]

 according to your specifications, size requirements, printing color, style, quantity to accurately calculate the price.

[lead time] 

depends on the quantity (generally 10 working days).

[packing instructions] 

can be packed according to customer's requirements.

A 30% deposit or full payment is required before ordering

[about transportation] 

as required

[customized bag process] 

provide materials → start design draft → deliver draft → finalize → transfer → start production → delivery

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PU leather embossing logo and PU leather handles

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