5 years Printing Experience on packaging

  • Since 2005, Universe was a printing factory on Packaging. With 5 years management on Printing We have gained rich experience on it , On the other hand, we have learned the characters and usage for different material .Which kind of printing will be the best-matched with what kind of material , This is the Professional suggestions we can provide to Client.

8 years Experience on Packing bags and boxes line

  • In 2010, Universe was established. 8 year’s development, Experienced and professional sales team Extend the business to all over the world. If you just start business ,and have no idea for the package, our salesman will help to select and design based on our experience ,and give you the right products.

Detail- Oriented

  • Fine sewing stitches and cleaned finishing make package not be disposable products.

    This is owe to the Skilled sewing worker.
  • Outside Stitching line (straight and dense , 9 stitches per inch )
  • Inside Stitching (clean, no extra thread)
  • Overlocked or piping inside         
  • Iron before packing                    

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