packing it in: secrets of travel with one bag

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Rona jaffe is the author of 11 books, including class reunion and her latest novel, Maze and monster.
Recently, rona jaffei traveled on the road for six weeks in 11 cities and 3 climatic conditions, with only one caron luggage -
Brought more clothes than I needed.
The weather in Houston is very hot, the cold and heavy rain in Seattle, the usual double climate in Los Angeles is warm during the day and cool nights, and the City of Minni apores also has snowfall.
The typical day of the trip was to promote my latest novel, including getting up before 6 in the morning. M.
, Washing hair makeup, doing two or three TV shows, two or three radio shows, lunch interviews, frequent dinner interviews, sometimes night shows, of course, a bookstore visit and signature.
Sometimes I had to pack in the morning, check out, lock the bag in the car rental, do a day of publicity and go straight to the airport. My four-
A day stop over the weekend
Day cleaning is not available in most hotels and on the same day-and-a-
Half Stop didn\'t have enough time to dry my heavier hand laundry, which is why I had to bring more clothes than I wanted.
The rigor of the advertising book promotion tour involves every situation that travelers usually encounter during business trips or busy sightseeing holidays: you must look decent (
Preferably attractive);
You need comfort, lost check-
Passing through luggage can be a disaster.
Advertising shoot: 5 silk shirts, 2 cotton shirts and 4 short ones
Long-sleeved cotton T-shirt, 2 pieces
Sleeve tur tleneck Silkand-cashmere-
Mixed sweater, 2 wool challis skirts, 2 cotton skirts, 1 linen shorts, 1 loose cotton knit Zouave pants (
Just because I like them though I know I can look at these things in two pairs of casual pants), 1 cotton-
Warm wool jacket (summer jacket with twill)
I can change my coat)
Two pairs of flat-
Sandals, 1 pair of boots, 2 belts, too many underwear-
Including 10 pairs of pantyhose in case any pair is torn and none is torn
A pair of knee-to-knee socks, a pajamas, a robe, a large handbag, a small hair dryer, medicine, tablets and ointment Cologne, cosmetics, toilet bags, 6 bottles of vitamins, a shower cap for dirty clothes, A radio, a pack of cigarettes (
In case the call is not coming)
, Hardcover books I\'m going to show on TV in case the TV station doesn\'t have another book to read on the plane (
Also hardcover, because I\'m so patient, wait for the paperback)
A flat canvas handbag
The kind they sell in the bookstore.
There is also a lock for the bag under the seat in case I have to remove the fragile item in case of an emergency and send the bag over (
Happened only once)
There is also a small folding car with wh eel.
If you can carry more than 20 pounds vehicles during your long journey to the airport, you can do it without carrying a trolley.
This is a mixed blessing: You have to find a place to store it on the plane.
It\'s annoying to keep changing micro containers like shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, etc, so I took the medium size.
The bag I chose was a soft vinyl.
Covered luggage bags with no internal compartment.
Different airlines and different planes have different seating spaces and you can push a soft bag and bend to fit them as long as it\'s not too high. A smooth-
The Sur face bag is easier to slide under the seat than the rough bag, and when you travel, small differences like this are important.
Medicines, pills and ointment are placed in a soft little nylon bag like a sports player and in my handbag.
Even if you are not going to send out medicines or valuables as checked baggage, do not put them in your suitcase.
It\'s clear that people are still doing this, though you think they should be clearer now.
If you put your suitcase down, someone can leave with it or you may have to check it out accidentally and forget to take your valuables out.
I only took as much jewelry as I wanted to wear at a time and wore it.
Cosmetics are packed in another small vinyl bag.
Vitamins are also in their own luggage bags.
I like to put everything in my own small bag as this way I can pack and open my luggage faster and I don\'t have to open the whole bag to find things.
Unless a person can wear a suit and is willing to wear a jacket during each flight, he will not be able to use the luggage bag.
A man\'s jacket is too big and the structure is too bad to put in a luggage bag and leave some space for other things.
The secret of traveling in three climate conditions is layer by layer. A cotton T-
In the cold weather, the warm-weather shirt turned into underwear.
The thin wool high collar shirt is perfect under a silk or cotton shirt.
Wear a warm jacket or coat.
Note: the space for cashmere sweaters is twice that of silk
While the latter is going to cost a lot of money, it\'s a worthwhile investment if you travel a lot.
Otherwise take two very thin wool sweaters.
The pantyhose under the casual pants is warm.
The socks are great.
Sandals in bedroom slippers. High-
Shoes with heel construction occupy too much space.
If you have to take it then you will have to sacrifice something else, maybe some vitamin tablets and hardcover books (s).
Don\'t give up the hair dryer.
It will dry your clothes and hair.
When I was traveling in the fall, I took the cotton
Knitted trousers but can bring a fleece jersey if you wish
Just keep in mind that you can wear a black cotton sweatshirt when it\'s 50 degrees outside, but when it\'s 80 degrees, you can\'t be comfortable wearing wool.
But, you mean, what about the boots?
They are not suitable for this bag.
Yes, you have to wear boots whenever you get on the plane.
But it\'s worth it.
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Remember, the clothes you wear on you are another suit.
I always have the right choice on my packing list.
When I went to the airport, I saw so many people in the well.
Wearing jeans or sloppy home clothes, I can\'t decide if they are comfortable to wear on the plane or if they are also used during the trip.
Because I didn\'t get a chance to change clothes just for the plane, I couldn\'t wear something I couldn\'t pack for another day.
But I can wear a summer jacket and a coat.
Sometimes I pack up my jacket and put on my coat.
The secret of how many clothes I bring to pack is that they have to be unconstructed and not lined.
Dress and note without lining.
You can fold them into small squares.
If I put the silk shirts in the drawer, I will fold them the way I will, and I will hang them on the hangers at night;
The wrinkles disappeared in a few hours.
If I arrive early in the morning and want to eat in a silk shirt, I will take it out of my bag and hang it up.
Don\'t throw your clothes away just because you are using the d uffel bag.
This is another travel myth.
Scrolling takes up too much space. Fold things.
If you put them flat in the luggage bag, they wrinkle up and slide around, and in addition, few things can be flat in the bag.
Make sure the colors match each other so you can move the items at will and create more outfits.
Of course, there will be no dirt in the dark.
I also ate the pastel, but there was no white.
This large handbag is not only critical for valuables and medicines, but also for extra glasses and sunglasses, and when it always does this before, it is no longer suitable for luggage bags.
Before purchasing your ticket, please get your seat guide from your airline or travel agent. This is vital.
Book tickets and seats on the phone with a seating guide in front.
Ask what kind of equipment your flight will use and what kind of alternative equipment may be used.
You don\'t want a partition seat because you have to put a seat under the bag under the seat in front of you, which is the first row when you are on the partition.
But the fourth line on the right in the first class is 727-
The stretch jet is behind the kitchen so you can\'t put your bag under it at 727-
Standard jets are also in the back of the kitchen, 747 and L-1011\'s.
Don\'t expect you to remember this: just refer to your seat guide.
Seat guides are also available for those who accept reservations, so explain your special needs.
It is possible to put your bag in the overhead compartment, but usually only in first class.
In both categories you would like to sit in the aisle, but in the coach Chi You can also choose the unpopular middle seat, because the seats in the middle and d aisle are more than the window next to the curve in the plane.
On the other hand, the advantage of the window is that you can clip your big handbag between the legs and the wall without disturbing the person next to it.
A plane that is almost impossible to get anything under any seat is-class all-
The coach plane, sometimes tactfully called the super coach, is actually a particularly unpleasant shuttle bus.
There is no overhead storage space, the seat next to the window has a steel bar between it and the wall of the plane, so you can\'t even put an attachment under it.
If you make such a mistake, you have to check your bag, which is why I took the small canvas bag and lock.
However, there is usually an alternative to this aircraft.
Some flights come from other places and stop at your starting point, these are bigger planes if the distance is far away.
Like, I\'m from Chicago to Cincinnati.
Less than an hour of travel
A big plane from Boston.
Almost everyone gets off at Chicago, but it has to keep going to Cincinnati anyway, so I\'m the only one in the first class.
Many planes were temporarily grounded, so they asked for a large plane instead of a normal one.
You have a seating guide to see what you get.
If you\'re stuck with an airplane that doesn\'t have a reserved seat, the best seat is next to a little child.
People don\'t like sitting next to their children on the plane.
The children were restless, they left their seats and came back more than adults, and they became grumpy.
But children rarely carry their luggage and their calves do not fall to the ground. So you can put your luggage bag under your seat and put your handbag under your child\'s seat without having to put it under your feet or legs.
Smile and request permission with pleasure.
The child will promise.
There is no doubt that he will leave his seat several more times to give you more room to stretch.
If you plan your trip and are on the plane where you book your seat, it is important to book your seat in advance.
There are only a few seats that they really like to travel a lot and they always try to get them.
If you don\'t take my favorite seat, I wish you a pleasant journey.
On your itinerary, provide each airline with a message about the size of the luggage you will be allowed to carry on the plane.
Most airlines say the total size of the bag under the seat should not exceed 45 inch.
British Airways and Lufthansa will only give you 40 inch and Air France will give you 43 inch.
But more importantly, the height of the bag.
United Airlines, American Airlines, said 9 inch to 13 inch of 23 inch, while global airlines said 8 inch to 16 inch of 21 inch.
Eastern says the height cannot exceed 7 inch.
Most airlines will not stop you from boarding if you carry a larger bag;
They don\'t care if your bag takes up your legroom, as long as it\'s mostly under the seat where it\'s takeoff and landing so it doesn\'t hurt anyone.
Although the coach or first class bags are allowed to be of the same size, there is more room under the seat of the first class.
What will you do. R. J.
A version of the article was printed on page 10010039 of the National edition on February 7, 1982, with the title: wrap it in a bag: The Secret of travel.
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