paper shopping bag drawer organizers

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-29
This is my first Instructable and I did a search to see if anyone posted something like that but couldn\'t find anything so it started here.
Make drawer compartments quickly and easily with old paper shopping bags!
For this instructable, depending on the height of your bag and the depth of the drawer, you will need a paper shopping bag and possibly a pair of scissors.
Light bags, like the little Victoria\'s Secret bag you get when you buy underwear, usually don\'t need to be trimmed.
The size of the rectangle at the bottom of the bag will be the size of your drawer compartment, so the number of compartments you can put in the drawer obviously depends on the size of your bag.
Put your paper bag in the drawer and write down about the depth of the compartment you can make.
You want to cut an inch or two (or three)above that.
OK, now put the bag you cut down in the drawer and fold the edge inward at a height so that the drawer can be closed without hitting the bag.
It is better to fold the bag here instead of cutting at this height because the folding layer gives some rigidity and stability to the edge and keeps the compartment open.
Otherwise, the paper bag opening will be closed due to the folds already on the side. You\'re done!
Enjoy your new cubicle and more organized drawers.
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