petrol and mobile phone batteries were discovered in a bag in the luggage compartment of a finnair aircraft nearly four months ago, reported ilta-sanomat.

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-26
According to Ilta, nearly four months ago, gasoline and cell phone batteries were found in a bag in the luggage compartment of a Finnish airline plane. sanomat.
This bag is from Estonia.
The bag was filled with harmful substances.
When the Estonian bag is x-, the contents of the bag are found at Helsinki Wanta Airportrayed.
The man traveled from Hong Kong to Finland and then to Tallinn.
According to the information available, the gasoline in the baggage compartment of the aircraft leaked.
Gasoline and batteries can cause explosions and fires.
There are 224 people on the plane.
\"A single park is enough,\" a security official commented . \".
Finnair has been silent for nearly four months.
On March 11, the Vantaa court announced the charges against two Estonians involved in the case.
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