royal wedding: inside the goodie bags every guest received

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-27
At the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brookbank, each guest received a special gift bag as a parting gift.
The royal wedding gift bag was donated by the Key to Freedom, a charity initiative launched by the York family in 2012 to support young female artisans in West Bengal, India.
In honor of the royal celebration, the bags are filled with a variety of souvenirs, including branded shortbread, a refrigerator magnetanda giant chocolate coin like Windsor Castle.
In honor of the unreliable British weather, the bag also includes a trusted poncho embroidered with the first letter of the bride and groom\'s name.
The key to freedom helps to sell products produced by the women\'s Internet Foundation (WIF)
It provides young women in West Bengal with transferable skills that can be used to earn income.
Many women are victims of domestic abuse and sexual transactions.
The Duke of York established the key to freedom after his visit to India as part of the Queen\'s Diamond Jubilee celebration.
There, he met with the founder of WIF Aloka Mitra and spent some time with some women supported by the charity at that time.
The Duchess of York and Princess Eugenie quickly went on their own to help them find new ways and also to support Mitra with the keys of freedom.
The keys to the free gift bag are expected to be distributed to more than 2,000 people.
About 850 guests attended the ceremony at St. George\'s Church in Windsor Castle, and another 1,200 members of the public watched it from the square.
Kate Moss, Robbie Williams and Carla Delevin are just A few-
On the attendance list.
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