tame those shopping bags

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-29
You can go to the store and buy some containers and gadgets that can fill you with shopping bags, but why put the free ones when you can hold them and tame them and recycle them at the same time
Following these steps, it\'s easy to go from wasting chaotic space to a good-behaved group of packages.
Find an empty tissue box.
The more attractive the better, but any shape and color is OK.
Find all grocery bags.
Stuff them into a tissue box.
Find an area of 2 feet by 2 feet where you can handle your luggage.
Take out a crumpled space waste bag from the tissue box.
Speak soothing words and begin to straighten the seams at the bottom.
Then do the same with the top seams, gently pull them until they become straight.
Gently pull the top seam in one direction, gently pull the bottom seam in the other direction, and pull the folds into lines.
Constantly smooth the bag from top to bottom, making a soothing sound.
It seems to be helpful, but I may be wrong.
Here I switch to a smaller bag to get the top and bottom of the bag without taking a photo on the chair.
When you smooth the bag and flatten it, it folds.
Use your hand to constantly smooth the bag from the top to the bottom to prevent the bag from becoming restless.
Fold half-matched edges vertically from top to bottom.
Fold vertically again from top to bottom and match the edges again.
Now look at how tame the bag is.
This time, fold half horizontally and fold again.
Now you have a very gentle bag ready for the corral.
Now find an empty box of the right size and let the folded bag lie flat.
Here, I used a K Cup box that is very suitable for the bag.
This system is suitable for all T-shirt-style shopping bags.
When I had a lot of such stuff in the corral, I reached out to get a bunch, packed it with elastic bands, and took them to the local thrift store.
They can always use clean bags, which they like to take up so little storage space.
I just put the tape (not branded)
Before I go near the thrift store, I will put the bag in the K Cup box.
They took very little space in my travel bag to the store.
When they fold like this, it\'s much easier to put one in your pocket or wallet so that it\'s actually used when shopping.
There is a novel idea now.
When the bag is emptied, check if the inside is clean and if it is clean, put it in the tissue box.
Take a few minutes to pass through the tame system when you have time or when the tissue box is plugged into the limit.
Keep these bags quiet during this time and don\'t put them on the shelf.
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