tesco to scrap single-use plastic bags in all stores

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-31
Supermarket giant Tesco has announced it will no longer offer
Use plastic bags in stores.
According to the legislation introduced in 2015, the company has begun to charge 5 p for plastic bags, which has reduced the number of plastic bags issued by the store by 1. 5 billion.
But Tesco said it still sells more than 0. 7 billion 5 p bags a year and promised to reduce the number further.
The company will completely stop the 5 p tote bag from August 28, but provide customers with \"lifetime bags\" at a price of 10 p per bag \".
The more expensive bag is made of 94% recycled plastic and will be replaced free of charge once it starts to wear out.
The money earned from selling these packages will be used to fund Tesco\'s \"help package\" program, which grants to community projects across the country.
The supermarket is also taking orders.
Using the wine carrier, instead, reduce the price of their reusable wine options from 1 to 40 p.
Online customers can still deliver their groceries in a single way
Use the carrier bag at the current cost of 5 p per bag.
Matt Davies, chief executive of Tesco, UK and Ireland, said: \"The number of bags purchased by customers has dropped significantly.
\"Today\'s action will help our customers use fewer packages, but make sure that the packages sold in our store continue to fund thousands of community projects across the country that customers choose.
\"It\'s right to do this for the environment and for the local community.
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