the importance of airbags

by:Yonghuajie     2019-09-01
Airbags, also known as supplementary constraints, are designed to protect drivers from hard shocks in car accidents.
It is called a \"passive\" safety part because it only expands after an accident and does not prevent it from happening from the beginning.
Airbags help prevent passengers from avoiding or reducing the risk of serious head and chest injuries during a collision.
The car is driving with a certain momentum, and the passengers will follow.
Therefore, when a car crashes, the power required to stop the car and its objects is too great because the momentum suddenly changes and the passenger does not have enough time to balance the balance.
So when the airbag comes in
Airbags help stop passengers with as little damage as possible.
The inflation of the airbag is triggered by the airbag control unit, and when the airbag control unit detects an impact that exceeds the required value of the airbag inflation, it reacts to the collision sensor.
However, from the name of the \"supplementary constraint\", it has shown that the airbag was not installed to replace the seat belt, but was installed to be consistent with the seat belt.
If the airbag is inflated, the seat belt will work by providing body support and preventing the occupants from popping out.
The airbag can be said to have a texture similar to the soft cushion that separates the driver from other hard surfaces in the car (such as wheels, windshields, and dashboards.
Since 1998, all American cars have been required to have airbags on both sides of the front seat.
Statistics show that airbags can reduce the risk of death by 30% in frontal collisions.
But it\'s naive to think that airbags can save your life.
Airbags are co-located with seat belts for optimal protection.
It is believed that the science of airbags is still developing.
It is reported that 40% of the injuries came from side collisions.
Airbag designers are still looking for a way to make the most of the side airbags to reduce the serious damage caused by side collisions.
At the same time, as they look forward to progress in this area, we are urged to drive safely, so look forward to many progress in the future.
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