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The production process of makeup bags——handmade

The production process of makeup bags——handmade


The customized makeup bags wholesale series is available in a wide range of types and specifications.Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, Universe's canvas tote bags wholesale is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.

makeup bags

Universe's makeup bags wholesale series contains multiple sub-products.Universe insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture canvas tote bags wholesale. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.On one hand, Universe runs a high-quality logistics management system to achieve efficient transportation of products. On the other hand, we run a comprehensive pre-sales, sales and after-sales service system to solve various problems in time for customers.

 Not to worry,Universe's makeup bags product has been revealed and it’s a lighter, more budget-friendly accessory to tote around town.

How many times have you lost your favorite lipstick? If it's more times than you can count -- or care to admit -- get organized with a new cosmetic bag.

Cosmetic bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate minimalists and all-inclusive packers alike. Enjoy the high organization of a bag with several compartments, or simply place all your makeup into a bag with one large compartment. No matter how you choose to store your essentials, a cosmetic bag will make sure you don't misplace any of them again.

Take a look at our buying guide on cosmetic bags to see which style is best for your most-loved beauty items. Our favorite one is the MelodySusie Premium Hanging Toiletry Bag, which has a unique combination of compartment styles to secure everything from nail polish to sunblock.

Considerations when choosing cosmetic bags


Compact styles

These on-the-go styles are best to store a handful of makeup items and essentials in your handbag or gym tote. Some of these tiny wonders can store a wealth of lipstick barrels and compacts, but for the most part, you'll need to stick to travel-size brushes or manicure tools.

Standard cosmetic bags

These full-size bags are usually eight inches or longer and much deeper than compact styles. You can store a large portion of your makeup collection inside, and some styles even have a series of compartments for a higher level of order inside.

Travel cases

Cosmetic bags intended for travel are, above all else, space-savvy. They can have as many as 24 compartments and sometimes have ample space for full-size bottles. Travel cases often have loops or grommets that allow for hanging as well.



Cosmetic bags with a single compartment are typically referred to as dump-style bags. If you prefer more organization, look for styles with compartments, pockets, and elastic bands to hold individual items.


You'll find cosmetic bags made from a wide variety of textiles. Synthetic materials like plastic and nylon are popular options for water-resistant styles. There are also cotton, canvas, and satin bags, though they're somewhat less durable and don't do well around moisture.

Closure style

Cosmetic bags typically close by means of at least one zipper. Styles featuring a variety of internal compartments may also feature snap-button, Velcro, or magnetic closures as well.


Depending on the manufacturer, cosmetic bags are available in solids, prints, or other designs. Some consumers stick to brightly colored cosmetic bags to spot them easily when they're buried in handbags.

Other cosmetic bag varieties

Frequent travelers often invest in TSA-approved cosmetic bags. These are completely transparent and sized within regulations. While you can't hide items discreetly in them, they might help you breeze through security checkpoints more quickly.


Many consumers seek waterproof cosmetic bags, but only a select few are truly waterproof. More often than not, you'll find water-resistant materials or compartments. As expected, prolonged exposure to water means the contents of the bag will end up soaked.


You'll find inexpensive cosmetic bags for less than $20, but for larger styles, expect to spend closer to $30. Full-fledged travel cosmetics bags with many compartments, often made from waterproof materials, can cost as much as $40.

The production process of makeup bags, the whole process is handmade

Makeup bags are female friends and makeup artists special bags.

Materials: kapok thread,jute fabric,zipper,tassels,sequins

1. First, prepare to purchase all required materials.

2. Then cut a piece of jute fabric

3. Silk screen printing logo on jute fabric

4. String the sequins one by one to form the logo and sew it on the jute fabric

5. Fitted with zipper on the jute fabric

6. End,Sewing jute and fit the tassels on zipper.

We also produce canvas bags,,backpacks, handbags,linen bags, cotton bags,nylon bags and other bags of various cloth products.  

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