the rise of the bad taste bag: from rihanna’s gun clutch to madonna’s ‘dealer’ purse, controversial new trend features designs of weapons, drugs and body parts

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-28
As every celebrity and fashionista knows, any look is incomplete without a declaration package.
But for many stars like Madonna, who has been showing off her imitation crocodile \"dealer\" wallet, the claim is increasingly controversial, with annoying slogans and pictures printed on the clutch and handbag.
There are now bags of bad taste everywhere, and designers have included weapons, naked women and even abandoned babies in their range.
FEMAIL looked at the most serious criminals in the baggage department.
Madonna\'s new black crocodile handbag has caused a stir for its seemingly drug-like
Associated slogan, the word \"dealer\" spelled in the glittering diamond lettering.
The pop legend shared a snapshot of her new package on Instagram on Sunday, writing, \"Dealer\'s Choice!
Mawi\'s favorite new handbag!
She went on to the dice, the gun and the love emoji, and the hash tag of the heart of the rebel.
Madonna\'s latest luggage comes from East London designer Mawi Keivom, who focuses on luxury jewelry accessories.
Although the bag seems to be Hermes Kelly, many will certainly think that customization is inappropriate and keep an eye on Madonna\'s other opinions --Split mobile-
Kissing Drake on stage is a woman because Madonna\'s heart and what was found to be carrying last fall were not a gun, but two guns --
Monica\'s theme pack when she\'s out for dinner.
She carried a black leather Saint Laurent handbag with a white line drawing of various weapons while her black leather crossed
The body bag is the shape of the holster.
The singer seems to be interested in lethal weapons and even has a revolver tattoo under her right arm.
However, Rihanna did not draw a line on the gun, and in 2013 she was found carrying two clutch S embroidered with hemp leaves.
She also shakes a Vivienne Westwood bag decorated with a decal neon mock tile jar leather, which is cut into the shape of the penis.
At the same time, Rumer Willis used to skip the gun.
Black leather \"guardian angel\" bag for Vlieger and Vandam.
The tote bag is decorated with a complete molded profile of the pistol, designed to give the impression that the attachment contains a lethal weapon.
The brand also has a knife version of the same style of bag, as well as a slightly less aggressive design of handcuffs.
But when it comes to eyebrows-
Rihanna and Madonna are just amateurs compared to artist Grayson Perry, who has designed their own brown leather bag, one side of which is the sac of the SAC and the other side is the bottom.
London Freedom Channel 4, December 2013the-
The scene documentary focuses on the project, conceived by the artist and realized by the leather craftsman Andy Bates. The one-of-a-
The Kind bag also includes a leather \"appendix\" completed by a small golden Bell provided by Perry himself.
Bates said: \"It took several months to build this package.
First I have to carve a wooden front and then soak my hands-dyed, bark-
The sunburned calf in the water makes it malleable and can be shaped around the oak testicles, an ancient technique.
The interior decoration nails are nailed in so that the details of the \"pimples\" can be taken out.
Two and a half of the bag is handmade.
Stitched together with waxed linens.
Finally, a Bell provided by Grayson himself was added to the end of the vassal, and a jingle of ceremony and celebration was made.
\"American designer James Piatt made it with a fool handle by making controversial accessories, including his peace designer design.
Priced from $89 to $169, the site reads: \"In an era where it is difficult to avoid terrorists controlling streets and looking fashionable with peacekeepers handbags.
\"The Piatts series also includes an abandoned baby bag of up to $539, which features a crying baby kicking his arms and legs in the air, inspired by an abandoned baby
The bag is available for a variety of charms, including a plane, a pack of cigarettes and an open window, mentioning the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh\'s children, michael Jackson shakes his son and Prince outside a window in Berlin.
However, among the most outrageous mistakes, Zara, the high street brand that sells canvas brackets --
All pictures are flowers, animals. and a swastika.
In Hinduism, Buddhism and the teachings of Ji \'An, it symbolizes good luck and happiness.
In fact, for customers who cannot ignore its close connection with Nazi Germany, the significance is not obvious.
Zara quickly recovered the package and issued a statement saying it was designed by an external supplier and no one noticed the details of its decoration.
Meanwhile, while Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld is often controversial, his negative reaction to his tank handbag is caught off guard.
Designed for the 2014/15 Chanel Cruise show in Dubai, he is said to have been inspired by the UAE culture and many have criticized his products for being rude, offensive and gimmicky.
While some saw clichés, others quickly noticed how disappointed they were with Lagerfeld\'s choice to represent their identity in this way.
But he is not the first person to dispute the classic bag.
In December 2013, Kanye West commissioned an artist to draw a strange scene that included nude women and mane wearing monster masks, an iconic Hermes Birkin bag.
Although many people think this is a thorn in the eye, when Kim first launched her second defaced Hermes bag, public opinion has softened, this time hand-painted by her daughter northwest in last November.
In the controversial hall of shame, another bag is the canvas tote bag that DoeClothes sells on Amazon with the words \"mom drinks because you\'re not good \".
The luggage designer is the only one involved in the show.
Label companies too.
Luggage stickers made by two male designers in Vancouver caused a stir when they were released, showing an injured woman who seemed to be tied and stuffed in your suitcase.
Sold on theheeky. com, the $7.
The 50 stickers look like the suitcase is torn, revealing illegal items like a cash pile, a cocaine bag or a sex toy.
However, the government of Canada is not interested in this and Canadian consumers are not able to use these stickers either.
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