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Velvet pouch-packing bag manufacturers share velvet material

Velvet pouch-packing bag manufacturers share velvet material


Shenzhen packing bag manufacturers share: velvet will really shed?      


Does velvet of pouch-packing bag really shed the hair?

Believe that this question is also a lot of customers asked. And about the velvet hair can not fall off the issue of small make up a personal view. The first choice is about to drop not to drop wool basically the detection standard that depends on you most, as well as your actual requirement. If you really want to find a velvet cloth that does not shed hair at all, you should first look at your budget cost and whether the price of high-quality velvet cloth is acceptable. Velvet pouch-packing bag will really no shed, Next should see you whether confirm to use velvet cloth as your raw material, it is your use method and uses finally.

the Velvet pouch-packing bag fabric components and hair factors

Then we together to analyze the velvet fabric components and hair factors. Those who often come into contact with velvet cloth know, the composition material of velvet cloth basically has 3 kinds: nap, glue, bottom material.velvet is thinner than a human hair. The hair of our person grows from inside the scalp of the person there, pull forcibly very pull off, and so fine nap can stand on all sorts of the base material by glue absorption, and the contact surface that it and base material also is a few silks. Is the fastness stronger than the hair that grows out of the skin? And a velvet pouch-packing bag cloth that thin does not all come into contact with the glue when velvet. This is where the velvet factor comes in. Although we will do the hair float treatment in the later stage of production, it is inevitable that there will be no fish escaping from the net.

And then there's glue, glue, you know. It is true that there are many kinds of glue that are very good and very strong, but even the strongest glue can be destroyed artificially. And the price of that glue is quite high. What's more, a lot of glue can not be used for Velvet pouch-packing bag, even the use of the best adhesive to velvet glue, force to buckle, down or easy to fall

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