why bans on plastic bags and straws are annoying and overrated

by:Yonghuajie     2019-08-29
Jarrett step maneconomy, why is it annoying to ban plastic bags and straws, and go beyond Canada, following the precedent set by the EU, ready to join more and more singles
Plastic products are prohibited.
Although the government has not specified which items will be banned in 2021, \"bottles, plastic bags and straws\" are under consideration, according to the Guardian.
First, they came to pick up their luggage.
Then they come and get the straws, but maybe we should look at what these regulations actually do instead of looking for other common prohibited products.
The plastic ban, of course, is not limited to Europe and Canada.
Plastic bags are banned in California, New York and many American cities.
Bans are usually directed at grocery stores and other businesses that issue bags to customers to make purchases.
The ban was promoted as a means of reducing waste and pollution by forcing Americans to bring reusable bags to stores.
However, it turns out that these bans not only bring inconvenience to the environment, but also have questionable positive benefits to the environment --
It could actually make things worse.
A recent study by University of Sydney economist Rebecca Taylor in Australia shows that banning plastic shopping bags can change behavior;
That is to say, as resources dry up, there are fewer plastic shopping bags that people use.
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