Woven vs Printed Labels

Woven vs Printed Labels


Woven vs Printed Labels: Which One is Right for You?

If you are looking for labels to brand your products with, you might have found that the most common type of labels for clothing / accessories and apparel are Woven and Printed Clothing Labels.

And then all of the sudden, what you thought it would be an “easy peasy” task to accomplish, just got a little bit less “easy”.

But do not despair! This short article will help you decide which type will work best with your products and brand positioning.
How do we think we are going to do that? Well, we believe that if “Knowledge is Power”, therefore, the more you know about the different styles and their intrinsic characteristics, the easier it will be for you to determine the possible outcome of your project.

Let’s start by defining each style and talk a little bit about the way they are manufactured:

Woven labels

(Damask or Taffeta) are made of 100% polyester threads woven together on a loom to create your text and/or artwork into a piece of material.Even the background of your label is woven threads alongside the logo design. These labels are soft, durable and machine washable without fading.

Printed labels

Material choices include Satin, Cotton, Tyvek or a Poly Blend e.g. Poly satin or Poly cotton. The text and/or artwork are digitally printed on top of the material you choose.

These labels are soft but some are not recommended for numerous wash cycles.

Ok. Now, How Do I Choose the Right Label for My Products?

We don’t think there is an absolute correct answer for this question but, there are certain guidelines or directions that we could steer you in to choosing the right label for you. The two most important factors, which are not related to manufacturing or design at all, are those related to your marketing and brand positioning, such as:Type of Product

You want your labels to embody the same quality that is in your products. For instance is you are needing an ‘earthy look’ then a printed on cotton label (or if you like the woven style, you could use a woven one simulating a cotton pattern/texture background) will be your best bet. Whereas if you manufacture intimate apparel or children’s clothing you might want a small label that can actually ‘fit’ in a small piece of fabric such as women’s underwear that will be soft,not bothering the user.

Your Product Brand

Your label should represent the same quality and value of your brand. Putting the right label match on your products is like sending your products out with your own personal stamp of approval. You are creating an “Identity” or name for yourself and your products. Your label will show your customers what makes your products one of a kind. To stay with your brand you want your labels to reflect the same professional high end or low cost quality look that is in your products. For example, if you are a clothing boutique owner you want a chic eye catching colorful woven damask label that represents your high end fashion.


Woven Label

Printed Label

Turn Around Time

Production time: 8-10 Working Days

Production time: 12-15 Working Days

Pre-Production Sample

Sampling Time: 2-5 business daysIn Hands*: Sampling Time + 8-10 business days. *By customer request only.

Sampling Time: 4-5 business daysIn Hands*: Sampling Time + 8-10 business days. * Available only for printed on satin and cotton. By customer request only.

Artwork Adaptability of Design

I am flexible. I don’t mind changing it up a bit just to make it work and look good.

Not at all. I want my label to look exactly like my logo.

Complexity of Design

My design is somewhat simple. No color gradients.

My design has very small details and / or color gradients.

Size of Text

The smaller text in my design is about 10pt.

Text in my design is smaller than 10pt, and above 5pt.

Quality Softness

Very soft in general. Woven borders can be itchy when in contact with the skin.

Satin, Cotton and Polyblend options are very soft.

Durability / Fadeproof

Polyester threads can uphold to numerous wash cycles.

Label will withstand washes. However, text might not look as crisp after a few washes. Recommended for those items that will not be washed a lot.

Perceived Value

High End – Professional Look

Low Cost. Basic.

Additional Options Backing

Iron on an Adhesive Backing is possible for any woven label

Iron on and Adhesive Backing available only for polysatin and polycotton labels

Double sided



Folds – Center Fold, End Folds

Minimum center fold label height is 1.375″ (0.6875″ after-the-fold height)

Yes, no restrictions in size.

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