Classification of canvas bag printing process

Canvas bag

Popular canvas bag and cotton bag, now ordering canvas bag guest is very much also, because of its material in nature can degrade, durable and strong degrees is far higher than non-woven bag, cost performance is high, and whether you are used for promotion or gift bags as advertising bag, are very appropriate.

Then do you know the usual printing process for these canvas bags?

A: screen printing

Canvas bag

Because of its use of water – based elastoplastic pulp as a printing medium, is more common in textile printing, also known as printing.

When printing the color paste and water – based elastic glue.Do not use chemical solvent when printing, can be directly washed with water.Its characteristic is: coloring strength is good, have strong cover sex and fastness, washable, have no peculiar smell basically.We usually charge for this kind of printing process according to the number of colors and the size of the printing area, but basically because of it.The production cost is low, so the price will not be too high.

For an example, see the following figure:

B: heat transfer printing

Thermal transfer printing in the printing of a special printing!This method requires intermediate medium, that is, first the graphic and text printing to the thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper,Then transfer the pattern to the canvas by heating the transfer equipment.In textile printing commonly used medium is: heat transfer film.Its advantage is: the printing is exquisite, have rich layer edition, can compare photograph.Suitable for small area, color image printing.We charge for this printing process according to the printing area, that is to say,A large print area is more expensive than a small print area.So, for large areas of print.We do not recommend the use of this printing process.

Give an example.The diagram below:

C: digital printing

Digital printing is printing with digital technology,It works the same way as an inkjet printer.The characteristics of this printing are very fine and clear, similar to the characteristics of photos and hand-painted, and there is no need to print, the production cycle is short and can adapt to small batch production, the color is very rich,Can meet the personalized needs of modern people.The disadvantage is that you can not print spot color, because it is direct inkjet printing ink invasion is not deep, there will be ink not so thick.If you are a small batch customization and time is tight, you can choose the digital printing process!

D: thermal sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is also a transfer of printing, the method requires intermediate medium, that is, the first graphic and text printing to thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, and then through the transfer equipment heating to transfer the pattern to the full polyester canvas.The common medium in textile printing is transfer paper.Its advantage is: the printing is exquisite, have rich layer edition, can compare photograph.Can be full plate printing, without edition cost, the material requirements must be polyester, polyester canvas and polyester fabric available!Suitable for full plate printing, the price is much cheaper than thermal transfer, small area or recommended thermal transfer.

The 4 common methods of canvas bag printing mentioned above have been finished with you. I believe it will be helpful for you to design, purchase and customize the style of cotton canvas bag.We always adhere to the exquisite technical force, sophisticated production equipment, perfect testing means, stable and reliable.

Product quality, warm and thoughtful service has won the praise and welcome of businesses and users.

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