The velvet bag that jewelry uses, how should we choose a good velvet

Jewelry bag velvet

jewelry bag velvet

I believe that many people who have done jewelry will know a problem, and often encounter a customer consultation problem, is to do a jewelry velvet bag, which flocking cloth is more suitable, today we will introduce the selection of jewelry bag velvet.

Flocking cloth is divided according to base material, can divide into non-woven bottom flocking cloth, water thorn bottom flocking cloth, knitting bottom flocking cloth, cotton bottom flocking cloth, silk bottom flocking cloth.If used as jewelry bag, non-woven cloth and spiny cloth is not suitable, because these two substrate toughness is not very good, easy to break no stretch, and easy to wrinkle, so not the first choice.Apart from these two styles, there are three styles of knitted base, cotton base and silk base. The flannelette of these three styles can be used as the choice of jewelry bag velvet, because these three styles have good toughness, can be applied at will, and are not easy to be damaged.

But in the jewelry bag velvet choices knitted cotton base and at the end of most, because the jewelry bag velvet to quality request is higher, feel is good requirements, and silk in general is given priority to with short plush, cotton knitting and bottom can plant plush and short plush, there will be more selective, not hang silk, good quality, more can highlight the class of the high-end product, so the bottom of the knitting and cotton velvet by many velvet bags, pockets, manufacturer is set as the preferred.

Now, do you know how to choose a good velvet?

jewelry bag velvet

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