Environmental protection bag production process

Eco-friendly bags

The development of environment-friendly cloth bags to today, there have been many styles, each style of workmanship and process is slightly different.For everyone to briefly introduce the canvas bag production process.

Environmental protection canvas bag production process: selection of cloth – cut – cut – printing – sewing – packaging.

Eco-friendly bags

1. Pick the fabric

After receiving an order of environmental protection canvas bag, it is to choose the cloth above all, good cloth can be produced for the environmental protection shopping bag good-looking many, the cloth probably chooses that kind of appearance has no lustre first, horizontal and horizontal tension difference is small, feel wants a few more hard cloth.Grams of cloth re – selection, to useful as appropriate.

Sometimes choose cloth to feel a little harder.A bit harder cloth, can stand up, can hold up, highlight the effect that shows environmental protection bag whole, very useful, put the article of certain weight, won’t break won’t be bad.Safe, practical, this is the norm for shopping bags.

Similarly, the difference in vertical and horizontal tensile force of the required fabric is small, but also to ensure that the shopping bag in the bearing aspect, there is an excellent embodiment.

2. Cut and cut

The cloth is ready, put in warehouse, the next job, namely is how to make these big roll big roll of cloth bag, it is planted cut into a piece, a small piece of cloth.

Environment-friendly cloth bag is equivalent to a cubic cuboid or cube.So, it has six sides, and in between, the top is empty, so the shopping bag actually only has five sides, a big front and a big back, two sides and a bottom.This is the method of sewing shopping bags.

According to the size of the specification, with the automatic cutting machine, cutting machine, the cloth into the required size of cloth, and then the side, carry, bag edge.This kind of handle and bag edge, because they are very narrow, so it is necessary to cut into very small strips for the processing of synthetic products.

3. Printing

Usually choose screen printing, because it is a piece of pure manual printing, so, his speed, progress will be slower than the machine printing, of course, in the cost will be higher than the machine printing, but its advantages, is also very obvious, can be very few printing, error rate is lower.

When printing, should pay attention to the printed text, pictures to have excellent fullness, as well as the master of the size of the outstanding display of the role of the whole shopping bag.

4, sewing

According to certain standards, and the style, like the same sewing clothes, large pieces of cloth, small pieces, handle, bag edge and other cloth sewed together, we see the products of the exquisite canvas carry handbag.Sewing includes a number of sewing methods, such as, handle and large joint, need not need to cross cross, cross is to add firmness.On the side are the threads, the length of the straps, and so on.

5, packing

Fold the bags and pack them according to the customer’s requirements. Do you want to pack them individually?

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