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Satin is a transliteration of satin. Color is a kind of fabric, also called sand. The appearance is similar to that of five damasks, the density is higher than that of five damasks.Usually, one side is very smooth, very bright, is the satin. Specifications usually include 75×100D, 75×150D, etc. Raw material: can be cotton, blend, or polyester, there is pure chemical fiber, is the fabric structure of different formation. Mainly used for all kinds of women’s wear, nightwear fabric or underwear. This product’s popularity is wide, glossiness hangs feeling is good, feel is soft have imitated real silk effect.

The main purpose

The more popular variety of color – ding series products should be “elastic color – ding” fabric. The product since the launch, sales prospects have been good. The product design is relatively novel, the style of the cloth face is unique, has a better satin flash visual effect, is one of the fabrics favored by consumers.

Elastic tinted

“Elastic tinted” fabric is made of polyester FDY da da guang 50D*DTY75D+ spandex 40D as raw material, woven by satin weave in the jet loom. Due to the use of da da guang silk in the warp thread, the cloth surface has charm, with the advantages of light, flexible, elastic, comfortable, gloss and so on occupying a place in the fabric market.

Polyester low elastic silk is used as raw material. The fabric structure adopts satin plain grain changing texture, which is interwoven on air jet loom. The grey fabric is then treated pre-shrinking and softness.

Storage bag

Because demand is relatively exuberant, the customer sees sample to order increase, weaving production and sales two flourishings, the market grey cloth transaction price in 5.80 yuan/meter or so. Additionally, add twist lubricious ding to also be liked all the time by dress manufacturer, basically, be used as casual pants, sportswear, it is the material that USES on the bed again, this product has dyeing already, have printing again. The current market white billet clinches a deal price in 4.40 yuan/meter or so.

The new fabric that carries design and color to collect comfortable feeling, contemporary feeling, artistic feeling to be in an organic whole, attracted businessman tightly with its inviting glamour, its sale is quite good also. It is expected that the series of products will continue to sell like hotcakes.

Color ding fabric characteristics

1, the use of triangular section light yarn, with a better satin-gloss gorgeous effect.
2. Bright, rich and beautiful colors.
3. Smooth and comfortable.
4, silk-feel, elegant quality.
5, the yarn is special, exceptionally soft, tear-resistance is good.
6, do not shrink after washing, easy to use.
7. Adopt environmental protection dyeing and anti-static processing.

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