What are the advantages and disadvantages of a white velvet bag?

Jewellery velvet bag

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a white velvet bag?It is mainly divided into two points as follows:

One: disadvantages of white jewelry velvet bag:

Although white jewelry velvet bags has many advantages, but everything is not the most perfect, white jewelry fvelvet bags is no exception, it also has some shortcomings, we usually like to wear white clothes and white shirt, but when the washing up is very troublesome, white jewelry velvet bags also is such, cleaning up some trouble, because white stain easily, so we in the packaging white jewelry clean velvet bags products should pay attention to the problem.

Two: advantages of white jewelry velvet bag:

Everyone clear white represent purity, use white jewelry velvet bags to packing product, nature can better reflect a kind of pure and noble quality, when making white jewelry velvet bags can also be printed on the surface of all kinds of color pattern, namely the original colour diversity, added a product at the same time, also give a person a kind of good visual sense.

Jewellery velvet bag

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