What is the difference between canvas bag and linen bag

Linen bags

What is the difference between canvas bag and linen bag

Although linen bags and canvas bags are made of pure cotton textile, they are easy to dissolve in the natural environment, and will not pollute the environment, but they also have a different place, that is the thickness of canvas bags is generally greater than linen bags.

I.Linen bags:

Linen bags

Material is a kind of cotton yarn as material of woven fabric, because of the arrangement of different standards and different methods of post-processing, and derived from different varieties, the concept of cotton cloth is very wide, can be said that all the raw materials are woven with cotton yarn fabric can be called cotton cloth.But in daily life to understand, it is generally thought that cotton is made of single strands, relatively fine cotton yarn textile, with soft, moisture absorption, breathable, warm and other characteristics, its defects are easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle.The variety of cotton cloth is very extensive, common have plain cloth, poplin, cambric, twill, wire, velvety, corduroy and so on.Cotton is the daily necessities of people, it is widely used in clothing, bedding, interior products, interior decoration, packaging, industry, medical and other aspects.

II. Canvas bag:

Canvas bag

The material of the canvas bag is a relatively thick cotton fabric or linen fabric, most of the canvas bag’s standard yarn, than the general cotton yarn thicker.As early as the 8th century, europeans used to make sails and got the name “canvas”.At present, in China, due to the less hemp material, so it is generally cotton material, so can be said that canvas is also a large field of cotton cloth.

The biggest difference between canvas and cotton cloth is that the warp and weaves of canvas are composed of two or more strands, while the cotton cloth is mostly single strand, which also results in the rough appearance of canvas bags, while the linen bags are relatively tight.Other canvas generally choose plain weave, more rare cases selected twill weave, it also brings difference between canvas and cotton is convenient, because the canvas is multi-strand wire weaving, so the quality of a material is fast, wear-resisting, tightly solid, and canvas with consolidate strong and good waterproof properties, so the canvas is widely used for bag, clothing, footwear, motor transport, cases, bags, etc.

Canvas fabric because of the strong, strong character, early more used in the manufacture of military tents, parachutes.With the progress of science and technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, the variety of canvas gradually increased, more widely used.In the 21st century, the era of environmental protection has entered. Canvas, an environmentally friendly fabric, has gained more recognition and entered the fashion field with a new fashion concept.Canvas bags have become a popular fashion item.When buying canvas bags, however, people tend to have a mistake, some consumers think that the fabric is thicker canvas bag, quality is better, but it is not, the fabric has nothing to do with thick fabric, cotton content and processing method is an important factor to determine the fabric, woven fabric after dealing with the various techniques of the republic of high quality canvas fabric is not only a solid firm, at the same time feel more delicate, soft, permeability is better, the lightness of fabrics and to reduce the weight feeling originally thick canvas bag.

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