Tips for pu leather care and maintenance

PU leather

Tips for PU leather care and maintenance

1, Pu leather products

if dirty, you can use a clean cloth dipped in protein solution to wipe, not only to remove pollution, and can make the leather shine.

2, Pu leather product besmear

had better start cloth or soft wool needle 1 gently wipe, besmear next on a layer of vaseline, reoccupy soft cloth is wiped repeatedly, last, wipe on same color oil, brush with the soft wool fine brush again, can brightness be like new.

3. black PU leather bag

When the black PU leather bag is worn and faded and the white background is exposed, it can be ground into juice by soaking the egg white with ink on the inkstone, soaking the egg white ink with a brush and repeatedly applying it on the surface of the bag. Fade part and small crack should besmear more one layer, put in ventilated place next dry, besmear next oil, wipe gently with a brush. The skin oil is black and shiny, and its color is new.

4, Pu leather bags 

used for a long time, will lose luster, appears to be aging. Available clean cotton dips in the right amount of diluent or clean gasoline, brush gently the package that tries a surface, the key place is brushed more a few times, brush to oil immediately again next, wipe with a clean cloth to come back and forth a few times, a pair of the shiny new leather bag came out.

5, protect the bag

The way to protect the bag is less water, more oil. Before storing, had better daub lard (also can wipe with pigskin) or vegetable oil, prevent the leather from drying and wrinkling. At the same time, cut up the old newspaper into bags to prevent deformation. Finally, put the bag in a carton and store it in a dry place.

PU leather

6, wipe leather bags

Banana contains tannin, used to wipe leather bags (or bags) oil, can make the skin as clean as new.

7. wipe leather bags

Drink leftover or expired milk, don’t throw it away, use it to wipe leather bags and other leather products to prevent leather cracking.

8, make the bag light and not easy to dust

The bag, drop a few drops of vinegar extrusion oil, can make the bag light and not easy to dust. To polish the leather bag, drop a few drops of water in the oil of the brush bag. After oiling, apply a layer of floor wax to the old leather bag and polish it with a soft cloth.

9, wipe the bag

Use the brush on old silk socks or old nylon socks, dip in oil to wipe the bag, can wipe the leather bag is very bright. Light-colored bags stain easily. When wiping the bag, rub the lemon juice on the surface of the bag, then rub it with oil, or with a toothpaste brush. It will shine like new.

10, package dirty

White leather bag or white skin cold skin package dirty, wipe with vinegar first, then wipe with a dry cloth, then wipe white oil, the effect is particularly good. Clean white leather bags. After the varnish coating, the wax paper is wiped, and finally, a small blot is wiped with a wet paper towel, which can usually be white. Put the lime powder into a small cloth bag every night before you go to bed. Put it in a leather bag to absorb moisture. The next day, it is made by drying.

11, Soak the bag

with water, soak with water, with a little dry cleaning soak, brush with water, wash, and then wash, so that won’t turn yellow.

12. white bag pores

If you’re afraid of white bag pores, black can be a new bag with a clear nail polish painted around the air chamber to whiten it.

13, leather fiber dry and crisp

After half a year deposit, leather, leather fiber dry and crisp, use shrinkage deformation. At this time, do not rush to use hard, brush a layer of water in the bottom, the next day the bag will open naturally, and restore the original appearance.

14, bag for a long time without oil

The bag for a long time without oil, oil loss, makes the fur hard, at this time on a layer of vaseline, such as absorption on the oil.

15, a white leather bag is dirty

Female ten like a white leather bag, but the white leather bag is dirty, there are two maintenance methods: the bag has a stain, you can use an eraser, even black oil, rust can be wiped off, cattle leather bag effect is better; White toothpaste can be lightly applied to the stain and then coated with white or colorless oil. Before using these two methods, it is best to use a small wet soft cloth bag accretion wipe.

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