Winter essential insulation bag

Insulation bag

Winter essential insulation bag

As the weather gradually turns cold, the market demand for insulation bags is also growing, especially for the metropolis of Shenzhen, Shenzhen insulation bags are very necessary. With the popularization and application of Shenzhen environment-friendly bags, Shenzhen environment-friendly insulation bag has become the first choice of many office workers. However, in the practical application of Shenzhen environment-friendly bags, its daily maintenance has also become the focus of users’ attention. What is the daily maintenance of Shenzhen environment-friendly bags? Below by Universe International Packing Co., Ltd for you to introduce.

Insulation bag

1. Heat preservation and cold preservation

heat preservation and cold preservation is the most basic function of heat preservation package. It is a special case with a short-term heat preservation effect, which can protect cold/heat preservation.


to have superior impact resistance, pressure or impact is not easy to break, will not leave scratches.


this is the choice of insulation package is the primary consideration. Although different brands of products are sealed in different ways, excellent sealing is a necessary condition for memory food to last.


the international seal test standard is to pass the humidity test to assess, the quality of the insulation package than similar products of low humidity 200 times, can keep things fresh for longer.

5.Versatility and diversity

different sizes are designed according to the needs of life, with the use of reusable technology ice packs. Ice packs can keep cold and heat (ice packs can be frozen to -190℃ at the lowest and heated to 200℃ at the highest, and can be cut arbitrarily).

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